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I had mistakenly exclaimed that I had never been to the Vertigo Theatre before and that Calamity Town would be my first time attending. My face was red when I arrived to realize I had been there for The Mousetrap, but I was so exhausted that I operated on auto pilot for the entire night and I had forgotten all about it.


It happens to the best of us, right?


Ok, to the good stuff; Calamity Town is by Joseph Goodrich, based on the novel Calamity Town by Ellery Queen, and is presented by Vertigo Theatre. It follows the story of Ellery Queen, a mystery author who has come to Wrightsville looking for material for his new book. He rents a furnished house known as the jinxed “Calamity House” which carried the tale of a jilted lover with it.

I went into this play knowing none of that, so you’re already ahead of the game, my friends. This was a really, really funny night of murder mystery. Lindsey Angell is an absolute delight to watch and listen to thanks to her impeccable comedic timing, her facial expressions, and her gestures. It was easy to believe we were watching something unfold from decades gone by.

Jamie Konchak pulled triple duty playing three different parts. I didn’t even realize she was playing the second one until I saw the third. I’ve never seen anyone play drunk or tipsy so well, which doesn’t sound like much but it really is. You’ll see.

Really, the entire cast did their job so very well. I felt like the ending was a bit rushed and didn’t really feel like it went with the rest of the play, but that’s going to be for you to see for yourself because…..

It’s giveaway time!


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  1. I love going to see lunchbox theatre. I also enjoy going to see any Gilbert and Sullivan play at pumphouse. I love plays and theatre!

  2. The best play I have ever seen was Once Upon a Midnight, a one man play performed to perfection by John Astin (Tv’s Gomez Addams). He played Edgar Allan Poe on stage with nothing but a table, chair, and coat rack as props, and it was absolutely brilliant. Never has a single person or a single play ever held my attention so fully.

  3. Best play I ever saw was actually a communty production of the lion the witch and the wardrobe. It was amazing. The actors were unreal for a community theatre.

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