Hutch Mothers Day Giveaway: Harmonic Kettle (ENDED)

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Mothers Day Hutch Kitchen Giveaway (ENDED)

The contest has now ended.

Does your mom like stuff? Does she ever consume water? Perhaps she’s using hot liquids? If so, you’re in luck! Hutch Kitchen is giving away this super sexy Tammi Harmonic Whistling Kettle for mothers day! This elegant whistling kettle will last her the rest of her life and keep evil spirits away (maybe? probably?).  No more will mom have to put up with her kitchen screaming like it’s in agony. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! 

Hutch Kitchen Kettle

How to Enter The Kettle Giveaway

You can’t! Contest is now over! Sorry!

This contest spans the Crackmacs Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. One kettle, one contest, one winner. You can enter on each platform and that will count as 3x entries.

On Facebook

  1. Like their Facebook page @HutchKitchen
  2. Share the contest post
  3. Tag 3 friends on the contest post

On Instagram

  1. Follow @hutchkitchen
  2. Tag 3 friends on the contest post

On Twitter

  1. Follow @hutchkitchen
  2. Retweet the contest post

That’s it! A winner will be randomly selected from the pool of entries, on May 12th, on Mothers Day. You’ll be sent your prize in the mail. Goodluck!

Hutch Kitchen Tammi Kettle

Hutch Kitchen + Calgary Drop-in Centre

This has nothing to do with the above giveaway, but it’s worth mentioning for sure.

Hutch Kitchen has a program where if you bring in your old cookware, you’ll get credit towards buying something, and your donated items will be delivered to the Calgary Drop-in Centre! The donated items will be provided to Calgarians getting back on their own two feet, in their own homes. You’ll be getting something new that is quality made, save money, and helping someone in need. It’s win / win / win.

  • Knives must have a set of 4 to be considered an item
  • Utensils must have a set of 4 to be considered an item
  • Cutlery must have a set of 8 to be considered an item
  • Dishes must have a  matching set of 4 to be considered an item

In addition to that program, they also sell heavily discounted single person ($149.99) / 2 person ($189.99) packages that are then donated to people in need via Calgary drop-in. Imagine going from being homeless to getting your own apartment, THEN getting brand new quality cookware? That person will pay-it-forward someday, hopefully. Wonderful program.

Hutch Kitchen Fill The Hutch

Get all the info on both programs here:

Wrapping It Up

Goodluck in the contest! I hope I’ve made it easy to enter since not everyone uses Facebook or Twitter etc.

Full transparency as always: this is a sponsored post.


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