The Circle K Rocks Paper Scissors Contest Is Back!

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Play Rocks Paper Scissors For Free Stuff!

You’ve played rocks paper scissors before right? Probably to decide who wins something? Same idea here except it’s web based and you can win a whole bunch of free stuff from Circle K! And it’s called Rock Paper Prizes. There’s actually over 10,000 instant win prizes available every day, and each entry puts you into a draw for the weekly prizes PLUS grand prizes. You can win BOGO coupons, free pop, chocolate bars, Frosters, bags of candy, energy drinks, nuts, real hot dogs, Lays poppables, chips, coffee, water + more. You can see the full list of available within the official game rules.

  • you can play up to 3 times per day this time! (can only win once per day)
  • you now have 5 days to redeem your winnings before they expire
  • don’t want what you win? send the prize link to a friend so they can redeem it
  • View the list of prizes.

Circle K Rocks Paper Scissors Weekly Prizes – What You Can Win!

In addition to many food and drink prizes, there’s also way cooler weekly prizes you can win!

Weekly Prizes

  • 30x Apple iPads.  Air 64GB Wi-Fi + cellular
  • 30x Nintendo Switch + 2nd controllers
  • 150x $50 Vanilla Visa prepaid cards

Grand Prizes

  • 6x $10,000 cash
  • 6x $4,000 in fuel
  • 6x $3,000 travel vouchers

The last time the rocks paper scissors game was on, one of our followers won a PS4 Pro!

rocks paper scissors game circle k


How The Rocks Paper Scissors Game Works

Visit the website each day and enter your phone number! Couldn’t be easier. If you don’t win, you get 3x chances to play each day. If you do win, that’s all you get for today! When you win you’ll be sent a text message with a link to your prize. Take your prize link into a Circle K store, show the clerk, hit redeem, collect your freebies! That’s all there is to it. Rocks paper scissors is best served up with freebies.

Rocks paper scissors game


Rocks paper scissors is easy to play and one of the best methods of determining the winner of anything. Go play, have fun, win stuff.


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