Predict The Price Of Bitcoin Win A House In Sherwood Park, Alberta + $15k!

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Win A House In Sherwood Park, Alberta

This might seem a little crazy, but it’s %100 legit and you’ll want to get in on this. Adam O’brien, whom founded BitcoinSolutions.ca in 2013, is giving away a great big 3 bedroom house in Sherwood Park Alberta through an online contest. Dubbed The Lilac House, at only $10 per entry, all you have to do is predict what the price of Bitcoin will be on January 03, 2020 @ 12:15:05 PM MST and you can win a damn house! The Lilac House is tax assessed to be worth $403,000 CAD. If you win this contest, you’ll not only the house, but also $15,000 CAD in cash (or Bitcoin), which is roughly equivalent to realtor fees, if you want to sell it instead of live in it.

There is a minimum number of 50,000 entries. At least 50,000 people need to enter this contest in order for it to work as the entry fees cover the cost of the house and all the prizes for the contest, and 3 people win stuff — one of which is a friggen house! If they don’t get enough entries, everyone will be refunded.

Full transparency as always: this is a sponsored post. I’m helping spread the word about the contest.

This video explains everything, from Adam directly. It’s only 2 minutes long.


1x house and $15,000 paid in either CAD cash, or Bitcoin.

If you don’t want to, or can’t live in Sherwood Park, Alberta, sell the house! Adam will hook you up with a realtor to do that.

Lilac House Sherwood Park Contest

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2.5 Bathrooms
  • 1,368 Square Feet
  • Tennis court, Outdoor Rink, Soccer Field and Parks nearby (3-minute walk)
  • Built in 1996
  • Fenced and Landscaped Backyard
  • Air Conditioning
  • Gas Fireplace
  • High Efficiency Furnace (from 2016) with allergen filter
  • Double attached oversized garage


$10,000 CAD or Equivalent in Bitcoin.


$2,000 CAD or Equivalent in Bitcoin.

How Does This Contest Work Exactly?

Have you heard of Bitcoin before? Probably. How much do you know about it? Maybe a little, but probably not that much? That’s totally okay! You don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin to win this contest, other than you’re trying to predict what Bitcoin will be worth, on a certain date, at a certain time. Another way to look at this contest: predict the value of the Canadian dollar on Christmas! Same thing, just a different kind of currency.

  1. Predict the value of Bitcoin
  2. Buy a ticket
  3. Maybe win a house!

That’s all there is to it. They’ll pick the 10 closest predictions and then go from there as to narrowing it down. Review the full rules on their website, here.

How Do You Enter?

It’s only $10 per entry. Head to their website, enter your name & information, your prediction, then buy a ticket. You’re locked in and all set!

You can pay with cash/cheque (mailing to their PO box) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, PayPal or e-transfer.

Note! the more entries you buy, you more additional free entries you’ll get.

Lilac House Sherwood Park Contest free entries

Is This A Scam?

No, it’s real contest from a real person and he’s really giving away a real house. The lawyers that oversee this whole thing are real too and you can contact them at https://www.richardslaw.ca if you like.

Straight up, If this wasn’t legit, I wouldn’t be telling you about it. There is no way I would even entertain the thought of sharing a bullshit scam on our blog or social media.

If you have further questions, their website has all the information laid out in an easy to read FAQ – https://www.lilachouse.win/faq

Some Q&A With Adam:

Q: Why sell your house this way? Why not keep it on the market?
I thought it would be cool to create something that flipped the entire “real estate” industry on it’s head and could offer an alternative way to sell an asset that might be a win/win situation. The seller can literally set the price (just increase/decrease the number of tickets sold) and the winner gets a FREE HOUSE. Imagine living rent free but then also having a 400,000 asset to your name.
Q: Will everyone be refunded in full if the contest doesn’t hit the 50,000 submissions mark?
Absolutely. We worked hard to make this fair and legitimate. I am hoping we will see the entry floor reached, but if not I will pound red bulls until the wee hours of the morning and make sure every single cent is refunded.
Q: Why predict the price of Bitcoin? Why not gold or some other store of value?
Bitcoin is unpredictable and therefore gives lots of options for predictions. We need 50,000 entries (which means 50,000 unique guesses). Gold has been between 1,200 and 1,500 for what seems like forever. That, in itself, is only 30,000 predictions. Not to mention it doesn’t move like Bitcoin does. We have the contest ending on Nov 30 and the prediction date for January 3rd… In 1 month Bitcoin can literally jump/fall 30% or more. There is absolutely no advantage to waiting until the last possible second or getting your prediction in now (so do it now!).
Q: Is there anything ‘wrong’ with the house? Cracked foundation or anything?
Nada. Shingles are on their last legs and will be about $5,000 to get replaced. Otherwise the house is perfect (at least it was for my wife, newborn son and I)
Q: Why are you advertising the contest using bloggers?
Bloggers are picky about who they advertise with. I knew they would be diligent about “vetting” me and this contest. They are also (generally) trustworthy themselves and I knew that people would trust them if they said (after doing their due diligence) it was legit.
Q: What kind of monthly utility bill should someone expect living there?
Between 150 and 300 depending on if you’re running the cooooool air conditioner 24/7 or not.
Q: Sell me on Sherwood Park! What’s it like living there?
Well, I’m extremely biased (lived here my whole life). But I chose to stay. It’s an incredible “small town” community, but you don’t necessarily run into someone you know every time you leave the house. It is extremely safe, has a fairly high household income (on average) and tons of great schools. The mall could use some work, but they’ve put a ton of work into fixing it up and getting some high value tenants in there… or South Edmonton is LITERALLY 12 minutes away. I’ve always loved living here and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

More Lilac House Photos

It is one beautiful house, no? Imagine owning this for only 10 bucks. That’s cheaper than something which costs more.

Lilac House Sherwood Park Contest living room

Lilac House Sherwood Park Contest Kitchen

Lilac House Sherwood Park Contest bedroom

Lilac House Sherwood Park Contest bathroom

Lilac House Sherwood Park Contest nursery

Lilac House Sherwood Park Contest another room

Lilac House Sherwood Park Contest basement

Lilac House Sherwood Park Contest den

Lilac House Sherwood Park Contest dinning room

Win Free Lilac House Tickets!

We’re giving away 3x free tickets to whomever wants them, courtesy of Adam. One on our Facebook, our Instagram and our Twitter account.


  1. Like @lilachousewin on Facebook
  2. Share the contest post
  3. Tag a friend in the comments under the contest post


  1. Follow @lilachousewin on Instagram
  2. Like the contest post
  3. Tag a friend in the comments (enter as many times as you want but one entry, per line, per account)


  1. Follow @lilachousewin on Twitter
  2. Retweet the contest tweet

The above free tickets contest will run until October 31st 2019 at 10:00 PM. This contest is open to all residents of Canada (except Quebec). Winners will be randomly selected and contacted to collect their Bitcoin prediction.


This is actually quite an incredible opportunity for someone to win something big, and for Adam to ‘sell’ his house without selling it traditionally. Don’t think this has ever been done before that’s for sure! If you have any questions please read through their site, it has all of the answers you seek https://www.lilachouse.win – and if you have any other questions or anything, feel free to reach out to Adam on Twitter @hiadamob or through e-mail: [email protected]



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