Brunch in Calgary: 6 Restaurants You Need To Visit

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Go Get Some Good Brunch in Calgary!

Taking people out for brunch in Calgary is such a treat unto itself. One of my favourite things about the Calgary dining scene is the insane amount of tasty brunch menus on offer. A good brunch is one of my favourite things in the world to eat so I thought I’d put together a little list of some of the Calgary brunch spots I think you might enjoy as much as I do. Obviously, given we don’t drive, this list is pretty much centralized to the downtown core and the surrounding areas. Let’s get to it: 6 places you can go for brunch in Calgary!

Drop a comment below for your suburban faves you think are worth the trip on transit and I’ll try them out!

Oh hey, in addition to these 6 brunch places, we have a list of 5 different places to check out here:

5 More Spots to Eat Brunch in Calgary

Leopold’s Tavern – Beltline

Weekends & Stat Mondays: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

One of our newest fave to the local brunch scene is Leopold’s Tavern. They are rocking two locations in Calgary (Beltline and Bowness) and have the BEST decor I’ve ever seen,. Think metal loving teenager meets local bar meets tchotski central. Seriously, looking at the ceiling is basically like being in my bedroom circa high school ages.

The star I’m featuring here is Leo’s Breakfast Club, probably the best club ever amirite?  They offer a special that changes monthly which your friendly server will give you all the yummy details and the best deal anywhere in the city $12.50 and that INCLUDES an alcoholic bevvie or coffee/pop/juice!

Let that sucker sink in for a hot second. Under thirteen bucks for your breakfast and your drink? That’s just….nuts. You’d think for that price that the quality or service would suffer. NOPE! The servers are all amazeballs, the portions are HUGE and it’s all super yummy. You can even bring your kids with you!!

Welcome to the start of my brunch block!

Bunch in Calgary Leopolds

Native Tongues Taqueira

Weekends: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm

Next up on the brunch block is Native Tongues. I admit, I love this place any time of day and make no bones about it being the best damn cheeseburger in the city. For brunch they threw an egg on it and now it’s also my favourite brunch burger! Pair that bad girl with a little mezcalrita and I’m one shiny, happy, Mrs.

You’ll find all kinds of traditional Mexican breakfast items on their awesome menu as well as interesting items like my beloved Hamburguesa Al Carbon and even a salsa tasting! I like to finish every meal there with a handmade donut. I’m not a donut fan but these simple little rings of heaven totally do it for me.

They also have some killer Happy Hour specials, so make sure you check those out on your visit!

Bunch in Calgary Native Tongues

The Beltliner

Served all day, every day

Rounding out the brunch block is my ride or die spot, The Beltiner. Named for the old streetcar that ran down 12th ave in the early part of the last century, this outstanding local spot quickly became the place I spent many Saturday mornings and my preferred business meeting spot. Great food, local products, champions of causes near and dear to us, and all around good folks keep us coming back.

Aside from a great selection of traditional brunch items (shout out to my faves, the steel cut oatmeal and the veggie skillet), and blue plate specials, you can also find their weekend Caesar bar! Pick your poison, add your ridiculous garnish and when you think you’ve got enough, add the rest! Yaaaaasssss, you need dis.

Bunch in Calgary The Beltliner Menu

I clearly don’t know the meaning of the word “stop” but totally worth it. It’s a hell of a tasty drink to begin with and the garnishes are deeeeelicious. The breakfast sandwich that you can add to it, or take to go from the coffee counter, is hands down my favorite breakfast item IN THE WORLD. Thanks you Chef Macneil for that little hit of lime!

Blanco Cantina

Weekends & statutory holiday Mondays: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Oh Blanco, how I love thee, let me count the delicious ways. Not only do they have the best happy hour ever (HALFY HOUR WHATUP YO!) but they rock brunch like a mofo AND have like a zillion tequilas behind the bar to play with. Yes, we solemnly swear that we get up to no good with our friends at Blanco. Not only are they awesome supporters of our charitable shenanigans but the food is so goooooood (and the french press coffee rocks my caffeinated world).

Bacon & egg tacos, deep fried french toast, heuvos rancheros are just a few of the tasty treats waiting for you this weekend! Tequila is totally a breakfast drink because I said so.

Bunch in Calgary Blanco Cantina

Thomsons Restaurant (Hyatt Hotel)

Breakfast Buffet Daily: 6:30 am until 11:00 am (Saturday until 12:00 pm)
Sunday Brunch Buffet: 10:30 am – 2:00 pm

Note: We were told today on June 15th 2019 that Thomsons has recently changed their entire menu so this information is out of date! We’ll update this as soon as we visit next. Thanks.

If buffets are more to your liking then head downtown to the Hyatt for probably the best buffet I’ve had that wasn’t on the Vegas strip. There’s  the regular breakfast buffet, which includes made to order pancakes, waffles, and eggs benedict as well as a cereal station, roast carving station, breads and pastries, omelette station, smoothies, cold and hot items and that is just fine and dandy and wonderful.

If you’re like me and into variety of all kinds, hit up their Sunday Brunch buffet which includes the breakfast side, as well as a lunch side which features a tons of desserts, salads, charcuterie, soup, and assorted hot items. The items change up each time I go, with the staple items remaining the same. Of course they have an a la carte menu daily as well if you’re not feeling hungry enough to go full ham on a buffet.

Honestly though, the food is great but that’s not why we go. Ringo, one of the servers there, has been there for years and has basically become family as he sees Mini grow up.  The service across the board is beyond incredible but we have a special spot in our hearts for Ringo. Ask to be sat in his section and tell him Crackmacs sent you with their love.

Bunch in Calgary Thomsons


Weekends & statutory holiday Mondays: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

I only have three words. Are you ready?

Stuffed. French. Toast.

If someone said I could only eat ONE brunch item for the rest of my life, this would be it. Sure, everything else on their menu is fantastic, the coffee is banging, but that french toast is basically what it would look like if breakfast and lunch had a wet dream about each other.

Loooooooooooook at iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Bunch in Calgary Wurst

Brunch Conclusion

Calgary has some amazing brunch spots, and this list is only but a small fraction of them all, and new ones are opening all the time. It can be hard to keep up, but, get out there and eat some fucking food! Cheers!


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