Avec Bistro’s 5th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

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Fine Dining at Avec Bistro

Despite living nearby, I’d never actually been to Avec Bistro before. Recently I was invited to try a sampling of their menu to celebrate their 5th anniversary, went for it. Glad I did, the food was wonderful. Each menu item was paired up with a type of wine (and there were bubbles!), but I’m not really a knowledgeable wine person, so to me, it was all just wine. I couldn’t tell you what kind, some red, some white. They worked really well for the food we were eating, though.

Note: Avec Bistro was sold in 2019 and was closed permanently.

Avec Bistro offers up a selection of traditional and fun French bistro cuisine, which is both fabulous and delicious. The staff were very pleasant and the restaurant itself was very inviting and with a cozy atmosphere. A few words I can think of to describe the place: professional, elegant, outstanding. One of the higher quality food bags I’ve been to, zero complaints.

In celebration of their 5th birthday, for the month of August Avec Bistro is offering $5 champagne with dinner.

Avec Bistro

Bison Tartare

This was my first tartare, ever. If you don’t know what that is, it’s something served raw mixed with other ingredients like onions with seasoning. I ate it up! I’m a little.. squeamish sometimes trying new things, but this tasted great. Served with cured yolk and crispy shallots, the bison tartare was also paired with house made potato chips, which were really yummy and went well with it. Would eat tartare again!

Avec Bistro


Spinach & Ricotta Agnolotti

Sweet peas, a crispy egg, sourdough croutons and greens. The crispy egg was incredible. Never knew you could make an egg taste so good. It was crunchy and eggy and yum. The veggies were also juicy and tasted great. I wouldn’t call myself a big vegetarian eater, but this dish was fantastic. The croutons tasted like fancy croutons, if such a thing exists? There’s an option to add on poached prawns or roasted chicken too. Didn’t try those.

Avec Bistro

B.C. Halibut

As much as I love catching fish, I’m honestly not a big fan of eating them. Fish, other than fish sticks or fish and chips, usually makes me kind of queasy.

I tried the halibut with an open mind however, and it was really good! The texture was fine, the whole thing was really juicy with excellent flavour. No fishy taste or smell. I ate every last piece. It was served with avocado quinoa, tomato & cucumber salad, and pea shoots.

Avec Bistro

Duck Confit

Actually, I’m not sure I’ve ever had duck before. I had heard of it tasting like chicken, and this one sort of did. I have to say I didn’t like it very much. The dish was served and cooked fine, just wasn’t a big fan of the flavour. Can’t win em all, right? The duck was served with slow cooked white beans, spinach/greens on top of a tomato broth. The tomato broth was incredible, actually. Really liked that part.

Avec Bistro

Vanilla Rhubarb Entremet

This dessert was quite the surprise. When I think Rhubarb, bitterness instantly comes to mind. This was anything but. It was sweet, not it wasn’t bitter whatsoever, and tasted wonderfully. A great end to a wonderful meal. It was paired with 2oz of Lurton Sauternes, a wine from Lurton, France, which I really enjoyed – and I’m not a big very wine drinker. A perfect pairing, I think. Not a wine person remember.

Avec Bistro

Here’s the dessert menu. They have Made by Marcus ice cream.. which is incredible, if you haven’t tried it yet.

Avec Bistro menu


Avec Bistro Social

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Check them out. Good stuff.

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