11 breweries in Calgary you should check out

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11 Breweries in Calgary To Check Out

There’s so many breweries in Calgary now, and even more continuing to open all the time. Gone are the days of having to be a bar fly in a dank pub that serves up shitty beer. Every quadrant of the city has a brewery, with clusters of them in some areas. Each brewery trying their hand at making IPAs, Porters, Brown Ales.. mmm. Really love the variety of beer available in Calgary, and you’re missing out if you haven’t been to any of these places! In addition to their core beer offering (usually 4 – 8 beers), they’re always doing collaborations with other breweries and coming up with some crazy fun drinks, so make sure to visit often.

Also, if you follow them on social media, you’ll be able to see the new beer experiments they come up with that you might really enjoy.

As a craft beer lover, I feel blessed. Breweries in Calgary are my favourite place to bring people to, so it makes sense to throw together a quick list of some suggestions you can check out! Go drink some beer, support local.

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Revival Brewcade

breweries in Calgary Revival brewcade

breweries in Calgary Revival brewcade

breweries in Calgary Revival brewcade

Canadas first brewery arcade, Revival Brewcade is a cozy place but it’s packed to the brim with video games and beer. There’s like a dozen pinball machines, arcade games, other stuff. They serve a menu of food too. They have a rad beer it forward program where you can buy a beer for a friend, and they’ll write their name down on the board on the wall so the next time they drop by, free beer! Revival Brewcade doesn’t use quarters for their machines, you need to purchase tokens.

Their beer is always on rotation, so what exists today might not be there by the time you see this. That said, I dig their Invader Wheat beer.


  • Snack type foods, but lots of them. Things that are easy to eat while gaming, kind of thing. Here’s their menu.

Annex Ale Project

breweries in Calgary Annex Ale Project

breweries in Calgary Annex Ales

If you like root beer, head to Annex. It’s non-alcoholic root beer but it’s really really good and you won’t even mind. Plus they have lots of beers there with alcohol in them! Annex is not the biggest brewery in Calgary but they churn out some great product. While you’re trying their beer, maybe get their salted cheese snack. Its REALLY salty but goes well with brew. It’s enough for a few people, too.

I don’t have specific recommendation on which of their beers to try, so maybe grab a flight. They are in the Barley Belt.


  • Salty stringy cheese and hot chips w/ BBQ Aioli.

breweries in Calgary Annex Ale stringy cheese

Born Colorado Brewing

Another Barley Belt Calgary brewery, Born Colorado has a rad ‘outdoorsy’ theme to their brewery. I’m a big fan of the outdoors too, so cheers to that. They also make pretty good beer. You should definitely try their Dingle berry Brown Ale, just for the name alone. Born Colorado also makes some limited run beers that don’t get canned, so you’ll need to drop by their taproom. Their taproom is well lit and friendly, and there’s an upstairs area to sit too.


  • Seasoned nuts, light snacks.

Cabin Brewing Company

breweries in Calgary Cabin Brewing

Cabin Brewing is right across the street from Born Colorado, and also part of the Barley Belt. They’re a newcomer to the scene offering up 3 core beers, a pale ale, an IPA and a New England pale ale, plus several small batches of one-off experimental brews. I’d suggest trying their Pipe and slippers wheat porter. It’s 6.5% and yum, plus it’s a great name for a beer I think. Their building has a cozy seating area too.

Confluence Distilling is directly next door to them too! Try their martinis.


  • Various snacks.

Cold Garden Beverage Company

breweries in Calgary Cold Garden

breweries in Calgary Cold Garden

This must be the place! Cold Garden is one of my favourite breweries in Calgary. Their beer is really good, and it’s cheap, and you can bring dogs there, and their seats are all super comfy. It’s just a really fun place to drink beer. Great atmosphere. They even have board games, cards, cell phone chargers in the wall. Highly recommend their All Nighter vanilla cappuccino porter ! Or Cake Face, the beer that tastes like cake.


  • Various snacks. You’re welcome to order pizza in!

Dandy Brewing Company

breweries in Calgary Dandy

breweries in Calgary Dandy

Dandy is a fun place to go, but their tap room is a always packed and it can be hard to get a table. This doesn’t stop me from going there though, because their beer is top shelf. I’ll happily stand and drink by myself outside the bathrooms tyvm. Their Oyster Stout is a Calgary beer staple, and make sure to try their Dark Cherry Sour too. They’re always blasting cool tunes as well.


Inner City Brewing

breweries in Calgary Inner City Brewing

I don’t actually know too much about Inner City Brewing as they’re a relative newcommer to Calgary, only having opened up their doors a few months ago, but I do know their Victoria Park Porter is really good and you should drink it. Especially if you like coffee. mmm. Inner City Brewing has a pretty big tap room with high ceilings, and nice mood lighting, with several TVs tuned to sports around the joint. The staff are nice, but service can be a little slow at times if there’s a bunch of customers, but that’s not a big deal. Inner City Brewing has a ‘fusion cask’ they do 3 times a week as well, where they just mix all kinds of stuff together to create a unique and different beer. Also they have a Pumpkin beer as one of their core beers!


  • They serve snacks, but you’re welcome to bring food with you, or order some.

Last Best Brewing Company

breweries in Calgary Last Best

Their name is from a marketing campaign from over 100 years ago! Pretty neat. The Last Best West was a campaign used to try and get more immigrants to settle in Alberta, to stop those damn Americans from coming up here. It worked! Yay. Check it out here on Wikipedia. Anyway, Last Best is awesome. They make beer and they’re also a distillery! There’s even a barber in their basement, and a bar. It’s really fancy down there.

I really enjoy their food but find it a wee bit pricey for my budget, so I usually just have the beer, which is priced very reasonable ($4 beers on Sundays!). As for what to drink, try Show Pony or There Will Be Porter. Last Best also has guest taps with all sorts of different brews that rotate all the time, so ask your server what they have!


Marda Loop Brewing Company Inc.

breweries in Calgary Marda Loop Brewing

The first brewery to pop up in Mardaloop, Mardaloop Brewing has a cool little space. You can sit at the bar or at one of the many well lit tables in the front room. The staff here are really nice and their beer is decent. They have a selection of core beers and guest taps. I’d suggest trying their Jenkins Grapefruit Ale, even if you don’t like grapefruit. I’m not a big fan of grapefruit, but this beer is delicious (and it’s one of their core beers so it isn’t going anywhere!). They’ve really nailed the balance of grapefruit. It’s 5% and super easy to crush. Also their ESB is pretty good.


  • Fries, onion rings, chicken wings, salad, Montreal smoked meat platter, charcuterie board, red bean and spinach croquettes, chocolate chunk cookies, or ginger snap cookies.

Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Company

breweries in Calgary Ol Beautiful

breweries in Calgary Ol Beautiful

Located right next door to Cold Garden, Ol’ Beautiful is good shit and you should check them out. They have a few core beers and rotating taps, but I’d recommend you try the Okami Kasu Japanese Ale. It’s really good and nothing I’ve found in Calgary tastes like it. Their Chocolate Stout is good too.

From their site

A collaboration with Calgary-based restaurant, Shokunin. Taking inspiration from Japanese-style lagers, this ale includes a substantial portion of rice, which gives it a unique and silky mouthfeel, while still preserving its easy drinking and approachable qualities. Saké Kasu (rice leftover from saké production) is added to give the beer a subtle hint of boozy, creamy funk in the finish.”


  • They have locally made Brioche Cheese buns, Empire Provisions beef jerky and chips. You’re also welcome to bring outside food.

Prairie Dog Brewing Company

breweries in Calgary Prairie Dog Brewing

breweries in Calgary Prairie Dog Brewing
love this

breweries in Calgary Prairie Dog Brewing beer

Prairie Dog Brewing is a good place to go to stuff your face with BBQ, and also drink local craft beer. Their tap room is gigantic and there is lots of places to sit, and they even have shuffle board. I’ve only had their beer twice, and that was after stopping by at numerous other places drinking (brewery crawl), so I don’t have a suggested beer at this time. Go check them out though, see what you think.

One of the neat things there is the giant wall of growlers from all over the world.



This list is only a small portion of the breweries in Calgary. Get out there and try things! New breweries coming all the time, maybe your favourite beer of all time hasn’t even been brewed yet. Cheers!


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  1. Definitely try Elite Brewing on Edmonton Trail. They have some great beer offerings and they also make their own ciders which are great.


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