Dark Table Calgary. Dining in the dark!

Dark Table Calgary. Dining in the dark!

Dark Table Opening Fall 2017

The idea is simple, you sit down and enjoy a nice meal, but you’re doing it in total darkness. You can’t see what you’re eating at all, and you’re served by blind or visually impaired serving staff – providing jobs and an excellent opportunity to those that otherwise might not be able to find suitable employment. I’ve heard it’s quite the experience! Dark Table already exists in Vancouver, and it’s been quite the hit, though they weren’t the first ones to come up with the idea of dining in the dark.

Basically the idea is that when you can’t see what your eating, it’ll enhance and intensify your sense of taste, smell and touch while creating a fun and intimate experience. It’s not an overly complicated concept, and is best enjoyed in a group setting. It has probably been done for a very long time, but in modern times the first dining in the dark restaurant pop up took place in 1997, in France. The first permanent ‘Dark Table’ type restaurant was called Blindekuh, in Switzerland, in 1999.

Dark Table is owned by the same person that owns O.NOIR, sister restaurants with the same concept, dining in total darkness. O.NOIR are located in both Toronto and Montreal.

Dark Table will be located downtown.

731 6th Avenue SW 

Here’s a map

Dark Table is located just inside the Terrace Gardens apartment building, where YUGA International restaurant used to be. Their website says they’ll be opening in the fall, however there has been no specific date mentioned yet. I did contact them and they mentioned October – we’ll see!

Note: there is street parking outside of Dark Table, but there are also a number of paid parking lots nearby as well. I would recommend using the lot just behind Terrace Gardens, adjacent to the 7th Avenue c-train station.

The Dark Table Experience

There are no light fixtures, and you won’t be able to use your cell phone or cameras either. You’ll probably spill food on yourself, too. Dining in the dark is likely not something most people will take part in constantly, but as an occasional fun night out and experience to share with others it will be quite the treat. In fact, dining in the dark can actually make for a really interesting dating experience as well, having to rely entirely on just speaking to the other person. No visual cues, or social awkwardness. No using the wrong fork and looking like a fool.

  • Surprises will be part of the menu, Check out their Vancouver Dark Table menu here.
  • You will need to let your server know about any allergies ahead of time.
  • The kitchen will be lit, as cooking in the dark would be impressive, but pretty stupid.
  • If you need to use the washroom, let the server know and they’ll bring you to one.

Your blind servers might even be able to teach you some techniques on how they get through eating, or other obstacles in life.

I’ve never been, but, these kinds of tables would be really useful for an experience like this.

Here’s a photo of what to expect at Dark Table:

Not The First Time in Calgary

Calgary has seen this before, but nothing permanent like Dark Table will be. Modern Steak has simulated the experience a few times, with diners wearing blindfolds while eating instead of a pitch black atmosphere. A slightly different experience, but similar. For the record while on the topic, Modern Steak has decent steak!

Can’t Wait!

I’m excited for Dark Table to open up, can’t wait to try it.

Here’s their website: http://darktable.ca

Click here to visit them on Facebook.


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