Toolshed Brewing Company Tour, Info and Pictures! (2015)

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Toolshed Brewing Company

We first met the guys from Toolshed Brewery (blue shirts, Jeff Orr and Graham Sherman) at Beerfest Calgary 2014, when they were working with Big Rock, they were doing some kind of beer seminar. Basically you have to sit through a couple minutes of some guy talking and you got free beer. Who knew we’d still be talking a year later?

Toolshed Brewery
and Paul from Bigrock!

Recently Toolshed Brewery have started brewing out of their own building, using their own hardware and really crafting their beer by hand. The brewery is just behind Franklin Mall/Home Depot (stumbling distance to LRT – this is important later). They invited us to drop by for a tour to check everything out. Actually they had been inviting us for months. We don’t drive, and have child, so it’s difficult to arrange time. We finally arranged time though! Graham from Toolshed gave a ride. He’s swell.

Toolshed brewery pizza oven
Hot stuff.
Toolshed brewery
Pizza and beer is the solution.

They have a pizza oven at the brewery! It’s from Cherrywood Forno, who make stainless steel “pizza ovens” for home and commercial use. Company from local Calgary chef Richard Bywater.  Follow them on twitter here.

They’re going to eventually open up a pizza/beer food joint right inside the brewery! it’s going to be awesome. You can eat pizza, drink, stumble home (LRT!) and be merry.

We started the morning off at @PigAndDuke for some breakfast buffet and redrage. Their buffet includes bacon so it’s pretty much unlimited bacon for one price, and the other stuff. Liked it. Wish we had better pictures to share of it.+

Toolshed Brewery
This is the best advertising ever. Speaks to me.
Toolshed Brewery
Red rage.
Toolshed Brewery
Unlimited bacon is dangerous.

Toolshed Brewing Company: Our first time!

From here we went to the brewery. Pictures! We both walked around with our cell phones like tourists. Got to try FRESH beer! It was hoppy.

If you want to check out their operation for yourself, shoot them a tweet or e-mail. Website: http://www.toolshedbrewing.com

Toolshed Brewery Tour

Something interesting we learned while there. Toolshed has something called the Golden Growler program;

This is where the Golden Growlers come in. Tool Shed Brewing is looking for 100 beer lovers to part with $5000 each to raise a total of $500,000 to complete the finishing touches on the brewery and have some operating capital for the year. Now you are probably thinking that five grand is a big chunk of change for a lousy growler, what gives? Well, that’s a pretty damn good question. The guys at Tool Shed came up with a great way to give you recognition and beer for life. Yup, beer for life. There are a few parts to the Golden Growler program, so here they are;

  • Private tap room with access to test batches and private reserves.
  • Beer for life.
  • 100 fills a year.
  • Double wall insulated personalized growler charged with CO2 to keep it cold for 2 days.

Go see the rest of the info here http://craftbeerjournal.com/golden-growlers-tool-shed-brewing-company/

Here’s the video of their first batch of People Skills brewed in their own place after a long ass road and a lot of sleepless nights.


Toolshed Brewery: Breaking Beer

This is a mini documentary on Calgary’s beer scene and how one home brewer, Graham Sherman from Toolshed Brewing, is following his passion and turning it into a profession. Pretty cool!

Done by MRU Journalism students Evan Manconi, Matt Lauren, Ian Esplen, Kelsey Simpson, Kyle Pura. Full story can be found on CalgaryJournals website.

Follow @CalgaryJournal on twitter.

and lastly here’s a video actually showing their canning process.


Calgary is a better place with Toolshed Brewery in it. All the best to Graham and Jeff!

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