Someone Hid $5 Phil & Seb Gift Cards Around Inglewood

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$40 – Just To Make People Smile

Sometimes people do nice things just because. Today that happened in Calgary. Have you ever heard of reddit? It’s a website that allows people to submit posts, comment, send messages, like a huge forum. There are what’s called sub-reddits, which are like mini-forums. There’s a sub-reddit to read the news called r/worldnews, one to watch r/videos, and of course there’s one for r/Calgary. Earlier today a user by the name of u/eldermillenialYYC made a post in r/Calgary with the locations of 8 $5.00 Phil & Sebastian gift cards randomly placed throughout Inglewood.

The Reddit Post

INGLEWOOD! Let’s be honest, it’s been a pretty bad week here in Calgary. Have some coffee, and I hope this makes people smile. See comments for pics. from Calgary

They then dropped in links to the 8x photos of the gift cards hidden around the neighborhood. If you’re wandering through Inglewood anytime soon, keep your head up and eyes open! Free coffee, and Phil & Seb make some really good coffee.

Inglewood Gift Card Phil & Seb on a lamp post

Inglewood Gift Card Phil & Seb beside a car

Inglewood Gift Card Phil & Seb at a crosswalk

Inglewood Gift Card Phil & Seb on a parking ticket machine

Inglewood Gift Card Phil & Seb Chin Up

Inglewood Gift Card Phil & Seb on garbage can

Inglewood Gift Card Phil & Seb on a street by houses

Inglewood Gift Card Phil & Seb on 9th avenue SE

Best of luck!

  • If you’re looking for beer, check out Cold Garden brewery (you can bring your dog!)
  • Also check out Cafe Wisk, they’re 100% keto friendly/gluten free.

Abandoned: Fort Chiniki Gas Station, Near Canmore/Morley.

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