Twisted Tree Pet Furniture makes really good cat tree stands

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The Best Cat Tree Stands in Calgary

Cat Tree Stands Calgary
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There’s a guy in Airdrie named John Mallyon who builds beautiful custom cat tree stands made out of mostly recycled building materials. They’re huge, unique, and very well built. The company he has is called Twisted Tree Pet Furniture, and he runs it out of his home. Some of the cat tree stands include draw bridges, motion sensors, opening and closing parts, litter boxes built into the base, other elaborate designs. John builds these as a form of therapy and an outlet to deal with bipolar disorder and rheumatoid arthritis that he suffers with (more details at bottom of the page).

This blog post is to tell you about how awesome his stuff is. Check this out. These are cat tree stands made by Twisted Tree.

(this is just the tip of the cat tree ice burg)


Cat Tree Stands Calgary
The Enterprise, Star Trek TNG


Cat Tree Stands Calgary
Millennium Falcon, Star Wars

John is able to custom build pretty much whatever you want.

There are a number of pet stores in Calgary that sell cat tree stands of a few shapes and sizes, usually for a couple hundred dollars. They’re usually what, waist height? Maybe they have a platform or two. They’re okay but pretty basic. It’ll do, right?

Nah man that sucks. You don’t know what you’re missing out on, and neither does your cat. Not all cat tree stands were created equal. John doesn’t cut corners unless the corners need to be cut off. His work is as good as it gets, and more people need to know about it. Hence this blog post. Full disclosure: John gave us a free cat tree stand like 6 months ago. One day out of the blue he messages us on Facebook and says hi I dig what you do, I want to build you a free cat tree stand. We respond: that’s really nice of you man but you don’t have to do that, thank you though. John insists. Us: okay, thank you, let’s do this. Thank you very much again, John.

It’ll give you warm fuzzies to support local, compared to lining the pockets of whomever PetSmart’s parent company is.

Cat Tree Stands Calgary

Cat Tree Stands Calgary

Cat Tree Stands
An example of the slide out double litter box tray.

With kitties, they’re somewhat territorial, and they have this really interesting hierarchy. If a cat decides an area is her territory, she’ll fiercely defend it against other cats if they rank high enough. This can range anywhere from a specific chair, on the stairs (trying to trip and kill you, fyi), or just a part of the floor.

Cats are just like people, in that some of them are shy and introverts. Others are very social and outgoing. Cats can also experience anxiety just like you and me, and the more anxious a cat is, the lower on the totem pole it’ll be. The way a cat behaves  affects the way they behave when living with other cats. If you have more than one cat already, you could probably tell me which one is the boss (and please do in the comments, talking cats is fun). Just like people, some are nice, some are just miserable assholes. In either case we love them just the same.

There’s more to it, such as the cats size, attitude, sexual and social maturity. Learning about pets is fun yes? There’s so much more info out there if you do some googling. Once you unlock the secrets of why Waffles the cat is being a huge dick to everyone, the better off everyone will be. Anyway here’s some more pictures of the rad cat tree stands.

Cat Tree Stands Calgary

Cat Tree Stands Calgary

Every design is different. Each one he does is a piece of art. These aren’t no rinky dink mass produced discount pet store cat tree stands. The parts used to make them are of high quality that will last forever, and they don’t absorb smells. Motion activated fans can be installed inside these. Or even a carbon scrubber (absorbs CO2). Whatever you’d like it to have, it can probably be done. 

Cat Tree Stands Calgary

Cat Tree Stands Calgary

Another way cats are just like people, they want to get as high as possible. A cat tree stand gives them a great way to do that. Their territory isn’t just on the floor, it goes up. The highest point in a room will usually be the optimal cat perch. Cats really like to get real high then keep an eye on their surroundings. A cat is at it’s best when totally chill looking down at everyone. In addition, if you have multiple cats, the ‘boss’ or most dominant cat will usually be the one that hangs out at the top. If you ever add a new cat to the mix it’ll totally change the dynamic and new territories will be established by the cats. You’ll want to give them as much space as possible, the more vertical the better. Cat tree stands are perfect for this.

Cat Tree Stands Calgary

Cat Tree Stands Calgary

This one is called the “Cat-stle”. It actually has a working drawbridge. There’s also motion activated LED lights, a double litter box drawer in the bottom, a bridge across the top, velvet pillows, and other features. If for some reason you wanted to have a speaker play a victory song every time Buttercup takes a dump, I’m sure John can do it. Pooping for great justice.

How They’re Built

John uses recycled building materials, left over from things like construction projects to build the cat trees. Keeping waste out of the landfill is cool. Someone making something amazing with it instead is more cool.

Here’s a gif showing how the large Twisted Tree cat stands dissemble for transport. They’re held in by just 1 screw, so you loosen that and the parts easily come off. They’re solid and heavy, which means even the fattest of fat cats won’t be able to bring it down.


More About John

The below was taken from the Twisted Tree Facebook page. John is very open about his struggle, and it’s a big part of why he does what he does.


My name is John. When I was about 25 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It makes things in life very difficult because I have constantly fluctuating moods. This made it challenging to work with others, and I worked by myself most of the time.

Then when I was 29, I contracted an autoimmune disease called rheumatoid arthritis. I was a roofer for 15 years, and then all of the sudden I couldn’t continue with my career. I didn’t know what to do. I was lost.

That was when my sister asked me to make her a cat tree. Well, I found the materials in some construction dumpsters around where I was working. Then I looked at the cat furniture all around me at the pet stores. They were really tacky and utilitarian. I knew I could do better.

So I started making them, and things got busier. I kept making them, and they kept getting better and better. After a while I started a Facebook page to keep track of all the cat trees that I made. They kept getting better and better, more and more realistic.

After a few hundred models, we got to the place that we are at today. Now I have an outlet for my negative energy. It helps me deal with my diseases. The schedule fluctuates based on me and my conditions.

Now we support our family with this business and want to thank you for choosing Twisted Tree Pet Furniture.


Contact Twisted Tree Pet Furniture

The best place to reach him would be through the Facebook page or at @TwistedTreePet on twitter.

If for some reason you want to use the telephone, the number is 403-918-1061. They’re based out of Airdrie, but can deliver to Calgary. Airdrie is close enough to Calgary it pretty much is Calgary.

Shoot them over a message. Would make a rad Christmas gift. Support local.

Cat Tree Stands Calgary


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