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DJD: Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

We have the extreme privilege of seeing the work that Decidedly Jazz Danceworks does in the community. Mini’s school is the recipient of some of that community work, with DJD coming into the school every year to work with the kids, put on a performance, as well as offer bursaries to some of the students.

In addition to DJD being a part of Mini’s school life, she also attends lessons at DJD on her own time and she is in her second year with them. Needless to say, we are big, big fans.When we got the invite to photograph the performance as well as attend, we were ecstatic! Mr Crackmacs took the honors of photographing and I had the pleasure of attending opening night.

The show began with a dark, futuristic type of dance. It was very intense. I loved the precision in both the unison of the dancers and in the individual movements.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

Next came a piece about leaving people behind, and whether or not you would see them again. It was a stunning performance and it really stirred up emotions in me as I recalled a long term relationship that revolved around the oil patch, and kissing my lover goodbye, not knowing when he would return. Or worse, if he would at all. Decidedly Jazz does a great job at invoking emotions simply with dance.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

The third piece of the night was so zany and hilarious, it stands out vividly in my mind. Called Madcap Junction, it featured a group of circus characters who are at the will of the crazy ringmaster. What a treat! I’m not giving anything away because its too awesome to spoil.

The fourth piece showed us the lightness and joy of spring. It was just beautiful and I wish I could watch that one over and over. This group of dancers were so very expressive in both their movements and their expressions.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

Lastly, but my favorite by far, was the sultry classic jazz that I love so much. The hip thrusts, the smooth, deliberately slow movements. Just wow. Watch for some incredible stair work in this one.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

Decidedly Jazz – Gravity Players, in Conclusion

All in all, it was a fantastic performance and one worth seeing. Today is the last day it is in town so grab your ticket before it’s gone! Decidedly Jazz Danceworks — thank you for the opportunity!

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