Once: The Musical in Calgary. How Was It?

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Once: The Musical

The arts, the stage, the wonder, it’s all so exciting. Recently I had an opportunity to attend a showing of Once: The Musical. Honestly I didn’t know much about it before attending, other than it was critically acclaimed and an exciting adaptation of a 2007 movie. Sometimes that’s the best way of going into something.

The Party Had Already Begun

To start the evening off the entire cast sang and played their instruments on the stage while audience members were able to enjoy a cash bar and mingling with the actors. It was a huge hit and it was really entertaining to see. I opted to sit in my seat and take it all in.

Once: The Musical


The play featured Irish and Czech dialects for the entire cast which ended up giving me some problems. I had difficulty understanding the conversations sometimes, especially if it was softly intoned. I got the gist though, so I was able to keep up for most of it. My big issue came from the singing because for much of it I couldn’t understand the lyrics and it drove me nuts. I connect to music lyrically, as I’ve mentioned in past posts, and to have lyrics present that I couldn’t understand made for a very frustrating evening. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and everyone was playing their part very well, just prefer being able to understand everything.

To its credit, the jokes were on point, the music and arrangements were gorgeous, and one of the scenes at the end involving a piano and a whispered greeting brought my companion and I to tears. I have every intention of watching the movie to make sure I give this highly recommended musical a fair shake.

On the whole, it was a lovely night out and it made my artistic heart happy to see so many people singing along and enjoying themselves so much.

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* Note – I really struggled with writing this, as it breaks my heart to ever say anything negative about art. Ultimately, we aren’t going to enjoy everything in life all the time, and that’s totally ok.


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