View Restaurant Health Inspection Reports in Calgary – in an App!

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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

If you’ve never ever seen the Alberta Health health inspection reports website, it’s a public database that anyone can access to view the report history for restaurants. If you spend 2 minutes browsing through it, looking for some of your favourite eateries, you may end up not liking what you find. It can be pretty disgusting finding out what the back room of a restaurant is really like. The health inspection reports leave nothing to the imagination and they list every single thing wrong that they’ve found.




Tomati is an app that takes the AHS reports from their website and makes them easily searchable and view-able on a typical Google map interface. You can see the current ‘score’ of a restaurant based on the number of reports, when, and how serious they were.

From their FAQ:

How does Tomato rank establishments?

All establishments start with 100 points. If the health authority gives a number score, we use that If the health authority gives infraction reports, then for each infraction, they lose points depending on it’s severity

  • Critical = -5 points
  • Non-critical -2 points
  • Undisclosed severity -3 points

The points are time weighted meaning infractions that happened closer to current date will have a higher impact on the overall score rather than older infractions.


The Best and Worst Restaurants in Calgary

It also includes a top and bottom rated list. Kudos to the places that keep us safe. To the bottom.. gross, man. Get your shit together.


The app itself is pretty basic, but it’s brand new. I will say that it has an annoyingly high number of ads throughout, some of which include audio, but the developer does offer a pro version for $4.99 to remove them. Either put up with them or cough up some bucks to support them.

Restaurant Deals

Tomati also includes a list of local GroupOn deals to places nearby to your current location. I think the developer also gets a cut if someone buys something through their GroupOn link, so hey another way to support them. Won’t get rid of the ads though hahah.



Interesting little app so far. I would like to see notifications for my favourite restaurants, but I’m sure stuff like that will come later.


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