Twitter Tips: Why Do Tweets Have a Period?

Why Do Tweets Have a Period?

We frequently see people and businesses sharing content over twitter, but lacking the best hashtags or tweeting the content in a way that fewer people will see it. Thought it might be a good idea to throw together some tips on both and how to better join the online conversation. So, Why Do Tweets Have a Period?

Why Do Tweets Have a Period?


Why Do Tweets Have A Period? So ALL Of Your Followers See It.

When you begin a tweet with an account name, you’re targeting them with the message, rather than all of your followers.

Use a full stop in your tweets to ensure everyone following you sees them.

My followers will not see the below tweet, unless they click on my profile and timeline and look at each individual tweet/reply — or they follow both @Crackmacs and @WURSTCalgary.

Starting a tweet with something other than an account name will ensure your followers see it, as well as the account you’ve tagged.

It’s also common to see businesses or event accounts doing this:

@musicband is playing here tomorrow, get your tickets now!

Only YOU and @musicband and people that happen to follow BOTH OF YOU will see it.


Another Example

Here is a random example I found of someone tweeting with the account name first.

If he had put a period (or any other character) before the @ChickenOnTheWay account name, all 3600 of Marcus’s followers would have seen it.


Some Actual Numbers

Here’s some numbers on the above two tweets I made with @WURSTCalgary. I made both tweets about an hour ago, so roughly the same time out in the wild.

First tweet — where I had put the account name first.

Why Do Tweets Have a Period?


Second tweet — where I had typed something at the beginning of the tweet. Big difference in the number of people who saw the tweets.


Why Do Tweets Have a Period?

If you are a business or event promoter or a volunteer or anyone else trying to get the word out there on twitter, it’s imperative that you get the most out of every tweet.

Why Do Tweets Have a Period?

Now you know. If you have any questions, hit me up on twitter. Always happy to help!


Authored by: Crackmacs

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