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On crackmacs.ca you can expect to find blog posts about the city of Calgary, including things to do and events, the food/drink/cannabis scene, reviews, rants, contests and more. We have lived in the downtown Calgary core for a very long time, and love living here! Calgary is a great place to raise a family, work and play, or just to visit. Are you looking to work with us? Make sure to drop by our Discord server!

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River Café At Prince’s Island Park

River Café At Prince's Island Park

A Hidden Gem, Right Out In The Open Located right in the middle of Prince’s Island Park is River Café, a beautiful café style restaurant serving up some of the best local and Canadian food in Calgary. River Café is often mentioned as one of the best restaurants in Calgary, which isn’t at all surprising given the large number of awards they’ve won over the years. Their menu changes seasonally, as well as offering picnic baskets and picnic tables in the summer. During festivals at Prince’s Island Park, it’s the best seat on the island. The staff really elevate this…

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