Things to do in Calgary for St. Patrick’s Day

Green Beer and Good Times St. Patrick’s Day is coming Calgary! Ever had green beer? Brewed by bearded hipster leprechauns hidden far from civilization somewhere in the Alberta foothills, green beer tastes like regular beer, but it’s coloured green. Ahhh fun! Side effects include bathroom hugs with strangers, dollar store plastic hats, and shitty Irish accents saying stupid things that…


Best Instagram Hashtags Guide – Calgary/Alberta/Canada (July 2019)

Best Calgary, Alberta, Canada Hashtags For Instagram  On this page you’ll several find lists of the best Instagram hashtags to use for Calgary, Alberta, and Canada. These lists of the best Instagram hashtags to use for Calgary, Alberta and Canada were put together by us, from scratch. These handpicked hashtags have anywhere between 500 – 100,000 uses each, so there’s…

Calgary Transit Just Dropped A Summer Patch (June 2019)

Calgary Transit Summer Route Changes The Summer Service Changes below will come into effect on Monday, June 24, 2019. No changes to c-trains at this time. http://www.calgarytransit.com/news/summer-service-changes   What’s New Route 128 has been added for the communities of Cornerstone and Redstone! Buses will run every 31 minutes during weekday peak periods only. Route 8 has a new bus stop!…

Help Identify Wildlife Spotted In Calgary Parks On Trail Cams!

Calgary Captured Calgary Captured is a project that utilizes the internet (both technologically and help from volunteers like you) to identify and categorize which species of wildlife call Calgary home. Placed throughout various Calgary Parks were a number of trail cameras that took photos of any/all wildlife that happened to pass by it, using motion sensors. To date the project…

The Calgary Police K9 Unit Is Now On Instagram

Such A Good Doggo Yesssss the Calgary Police K9 unit just opened up shop on Instagram. The account is run by the K9 team themselves (though it’s possible we might see the doggos themselves actually share content…. right?). Follow them here: https://www.instagram.com/calgarypolicek9/ View this post on Instagram It’s so much easier to make Instagram posts now that we don’t have…


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