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Simply Great Coffee at Circle K

Simply Great Coffee Coffee is life. From a single cup in the morning to 2 pots a day, wherever you fit in on the spectrum, you understand it’s necessity. The coffee selection in Calgary is actually pretty decent these days, with a wide varieties of basic slow drip coffees to the ridiculous whip cream white mocha things available on every…


Now Open: An Urban Format Real Canadian Superstore In East Village

Now Open: An Urban Format Real Canadian Superstore In East Village There’s a new place to get groceries downtown! On May 15th 2020 Loblaws opened up an ‘urban format’ Real Canadian Superstore in the East Village, finally giving residents of the area somewhere to get necessities and groceries. This also means downtown Calgary residents can now get Presidents Choice and…

ATB BoostR: Get Help For Your Small Business

What Is ATB BoostR? Launched in 2015, ATB BoostR is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Alberta. ATB BoostR can be used to raise funds through donations, sell your products, experiences and other services, or even arrange pre-orders for future campaigns. Think of Kickstarter, Paypal and Patreon all rolled into one, but made locally, for…




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