Calgary Police bit by dog while arresting someone

Calgary Police bit by dog while arresting someone

Calgary Police Bit By Dog

I was walking home from Dollarama this one time and witnessed the Calgary Police arresting someone, so I started recording with my cell phone. While the Calgary Police did get bit by a dog, thankfully they weren’t massive chomps nor did they draw blood.

This video sure is making the rounds online. It has been our most viewed video by a longshot. The response in the comments has all been the same too, they’re surprised the police didn’t shoot or otherwise hurt the dog somehow. So many times the media in the US has picked up on stories involving American police officers shooting dogs needlessly, it’s all people think about when they see a dog and cop in the same frame. There are certainly some really good people working as American police officers, doing good in their communities and not shooting dogs or anything negative. The media aren’t interested in those guys though. Saving lives and taking criminals off the street is normal and boring.

Calgary Police bit, but remain professional.

As people seem to have noticed from the video, the Calgary Police Service have excellent training and professional behavior when doing what they do. They were trying to arrest the guy (for what, we don’t know) and he fought them every step of the way, even telling his dog to attack the officers. So dumb. Surprised they didn’t bring out the pepper spray, but then again a crowd was gathering so perhaps they decided it wasn’t worth it. Just speculating.

Anyway, the dog was involved but certainly not anywhere near ‘fearing for my life’ level, so they pretty much ignored it. If the dog had been super aggressive things may have been different — glad it didn’t go down that way. Props to the officers involved for showing the world how awesome our local force is, you deserve all the exposure you get. It’s so nice being able to share something like this.


Thank you to the Calgary Police for being awesome cops!

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If you’re interested in reading more about the Calgary Police, both the Mrs and myself have gone on a police ride along and documented it. Pictures, video, info, tasers.

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