Karl, Palma, and the missing ring.

Karl, Palma, and the missing ring.

The Ring Was Lost for 20 years!

On October 29th I received a Facebook message from someone. A group of people from the Calgary metal detecting club were at the lake community of Coral Springs in the NE looking for treasure when their leader Paul caught on to something. He was chest deep in the water, and 4-5 feet down had found a mens wedding band buried in the lake. They brought it to the nearby lake community office, and it ended up in the hands of the person who messaged me, Karin.

This kind of thing slides into our DMs often, and we’re always happy to help, so I made a post on Facebook.com/Crackmacs on her behalf. The ring was inscribed with the names “Karl” and “Palma”, and it had a date. She simply asked that if whoever owns the ring could give her the date, she’ll return it, easy peasy. A long shot but who knows right? The post went up at 4:00pm.

Karl Palma Ring

About 10 minutes after I had made the post, someone else messaged me, Tia, who had seen the post and wanted to help. She has a background in criminology and tracked down an obituary of a local woman named Palma that had passed away in 2012, who had been predeceased by her husband, Karl…..

Karl Palma Ring


Well, okay, she kept digging though, because the ring still needed to find it’s way home right? At this point Tia and Karin connected with each other and started working together. Using the information from the obituary and checking through Facebook and LinkedIn Tia was able to track someone down who might be related, and it had his phone number, so she called him. He didn’t answer but his daughter did. Turns out he was one of Palma and Karl’s sons and she was their grand daughter. The grand daughter passed along her dads phone number. Tia called him up and confirmed everything! At the same time, Karin had been on the phone to the funeral home asking if they knew anything or could help. They didn’t give her any information, however as soon as they got off the phone, they called the Palma and Karls daughter! Crazy.

How the ring was lost:

They had been at the north beach having a family picnic, when the ring fell off in the water. Karl and his son searched north beach for 4 hrs with no luck. A couple years later, Karl suffered from a stroke. His stroke kept bringing his brain back to losing the ring and continued to be devastated.

It had been missing for 20 years. YEARS!

One hour after I had made the original post on Facebook, Karin connected with the family and made arrangements to return the ring the next day, coincidentally on the 6th anniversary of Palmas passing. Tia tagged along too. And you know what? So did Paul. Three strangers, one from the internet, hugging it out with the family of this ring, out in a graveyard.

Karl Palma Ring

The power of social media is so incredible sometimes. The ring was in the lake longer than social media has existed. So nice how this worked out. RIP Karl, and Palma, your ring has been returned.

Authored by: Crackmacs

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