Remember Ed The Sock? Of course you do.

Remember Ed The Sock? Of course you do.

Ed The Sock is Back, and He’s Doing Stuff

You remember Ed the sock right? The foul mouthed but intelligent sock on MuchMusic in the 90’s and 2000’s with the heart of gold? That’s the one! He’s coming to Calgary, yay. And several other places across Canada. He’s doing a tour called the #WarOnStupid, taking his show on the road to tell it like it is, like he’s always done.

Pretty excited. Ed the sock helped raise an entire generation of Canadians, and we’re old enough now to appreciate it. Plus there’s going to be beer.

Ed the sock War on stupid

Ed the sock will be in Calgary at Dickens Pub on December 6th, 2018. This isn’t some scripted comedy show where he just goes to each place saying the same thing over and over. No sir ma’am. Ed the sock will be talking with everyone, shooting the shit, sharing behind the scenes stories of young and oldé. He’ll also be filling people in on what the hell really happened at MuchMusic. Ed has been building something called the FUNetwork, which will be similar to what MuchMusic used to be. Can’t wait.

Here’s Ed talking with Gord Gillies and Sue Deyell on 770 CHQR radio.

Who is Ed The Sock?

If you’re aged 25-45 and spent any time time around a television set in Canada during the 1990s/2000s, you already know who he is and there’s nothing more to say.

Ed the sock was one of the hosts/VJs (video jockey) on MuchMusic, which was Canada’s answer to MTV. Their programming was off the wall but always revolved around music and playing actual music videos, which Ed would introduce or talk about. Ed would also interview guests, rant, rave, mock people that deserved it, call out stupidity, share insight. It was gritty and fun, unorthodox and real. Never got the feeling things were scripted or taken too seriously.

Here’s a 5 minute clip of Ed the sock back in 1999, giving his scheduler shit on air for him having to go to work on his day off, before introducing a music video right at the end. It was like a box of chocolates watching MuchMusic back then, never know what you’d get, which was all part of the magic. Rest assured, it would involve music and pop culture.

My Ed The Sock Story

I believe it was all the way back in 1997 when I saw en episode of Fromage on MuchMusic that set in motion of series of events that brings me to here, now. The episode itself, I don’t actually remember that much from. I’d love to watch it again. It was at the end of the episode where Ed the sock featured a video from none other than Wesley Willis, singing his classic – Alanis Morissette.

I laughed my ass off. This was in the late 90’s remember, before YouTube, before Facebook. The video was nothing like I had seen before, and it was awesome, with Ed the sock chiming in with his thoughts and jokes. Obviously shot in a super low budget, and with a song that was not .. very similar from any other music I’d ever heard. Thought it was terrible. At the time I had no idea who Wesley was or what I was seeing, but I was hooked.

A few years later I learned that Wesley Willis was actually on tour and would be coming to Calgary! Omg. To 18 year old me, this was a big deal. Some friends and I made plans to go see him, at the old multicultural center, before it was tore down. This was during the Calgary Transit strike, too. I walked from Forest Lawn to downtown (and back, eventually) to see him. Worth every step.

Ed the sock

If you’ve never seen or heard of Wesley Willis before, he was an avant-garde artist and musician that suffered from hardcore paranoid schizophrenia. His style of music is called Outsider Music, in that he was self taught and always did his own thing, rather than writing music in the traditional sense. His lyrics were basically nonsensical ranting and raving, but that’s what made him him. He would end every track with “Rock over London, Rock on Chicago”. Wesley Willis died in 2003 after losing the battle with Leukemia.

Ed the sock Wesley Willis

Nardwuar and Wesley, hanging out and chatting.

Ed the sock Wesley Willis

This guy was Wesley’s manager, though I don’t remember his name. I asked to take his photo and he asked why. I didn’t have a good reason so I said it’s for something on the internet. Little did I know at the time…. hahah.

Ed the sock Wesley Willis

Silk. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but Wesley was drinking it and I thought that was interesting. That’s his manager standing beside him. He drank a lot of soy milk that night.

In this photo Wesley Willis is headbutting some girl, which was his preferred way of greeting someone. It left him with a permanent bruise/scab on his forehead. I did not headbutt Wesley. #Regret

Ed the sock Wesley Willis

Ed the sock Wesley Willis

The crowd went absolutely bananas when he fired up Rock and Roll McDonalds.

Ed the sock Wesley Willis

Ed the sock Wesley Willis

He even encouraged people to jump out of the crowd to headbutt himself on stage.

Ed the sock Wesley Willis

This photo was taken after the show, when a lot of people had left. I asked him to give me the finger. He didn’t know what I meant, but whatever. Props to CJSW for putting this event on!

Ed the sock wesley willis

Goodnight sweet prince~

If it hadn’t been for Ed the sock and his mention of Wesley Willis on Fromage, this would have never happened. Over the years I’ve introduced people to Wesley Willis, usually to responses of “wtf?” – but the man was a legend. Wish I owned a better camera at the time, but as they say, the best camera is the one you have on you.

These days Ed the sock is on Twitter @EdTheSock (and FB/IG, of course). You’ll often find him sharing his opinion on current events and talking to fans.

Do You Have an Ed The Sock Story?

With his being connected to the Canadian landscape for so many years there’s bound to be more people with Ed the Sock stories? Did you ever have a run in with him? Attend one of his programs? Ed & Red’s Night Party was a late night variety talk show that ran for 13 seasons, anyone ever attend a taping? Share below! <3

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