Making money online with video ads

Making money online with video ads

Making Money Online

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post about making money online, the last one being doing internet surveys, and I’ve had some pretty good success with another method, running video ads on old electronic devices.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been without a job since November 2015, and it’s getting pretty old. Not having extra money to piss away on things really sucks. I’ve been sending out applications and resumes like crazy lately, to no avail. Making money offline is not exactly possible right now, so, let’s start making money online.


Enter: Perk.TV

Perk.TV is a website that plays video ads for you, which you earn points for watching. Pretty simple stuff. Points get exchanged for PayPal monies, or gift cards. I’ve been using it towards gift cards because they’re cheaper than straight up PayPal.

Not only is it a website, but they have an app too, on Android and iOS. I run it on various devices 24/7, including an old shitty Netbook, a Nexus tablet and 4x Android phones. When I go out or to sleep, I also fire it up on my desktop browser.

Here’s an older netbook, a tablet and a phone running some Perk:

Making money online

I despise Apple, so I don’t have any iOS Perk experience.. but I can pass on that the Android app is not great, unfortunately. It crashes every so often, so it’s not like you can entirely “set it and forget it” with this stuff. I leave them on my desk and a shelf nearby, so if it does crash and I walk by and notice it, I can easily re-open. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass, but 90% of the time it works fine. In addition, it pops up with a “Are you still watching?” dialog every 12 hours or something.

There’s more than just the video ads app actually, but more on that below.

Pudding Proof

As I mentioned, I’ve been using my Perk points on gift cards. To date I’ve cashed out $150 worth. Two Old Navy $50 gift cards and one $50 gift card.

Here’s the two receipts from Old Navy. I used the money to buy clothes for the kid. Gotta be a responsible parent sometimes hey.

It takes me about 3 weeks of running my devices to get $50.

You aren’t limited to Old Navy and Amazon either, you can get gift cards for a number of places. Cineplex, Groupon, Playstation store/plus, League of Legends, Kobo – even Tim Hortons.

Making money online

The green coin things are the Perk points. The gold coin things are ‘tokens’ that can be used to enter in sweepstakes and play games (which can win you Perk points), but they can’t be used towards any gift card  or PayPal rewards.

Making money online

I used the gift card for $50 towards a 240gb Kingston UV400 SSD hard drive. First time with a solid state drive! I can’t believe I waited so long, it’s made such a big difference. Doesn’t take me like 8 minutes to restart my computer, and games run much betterly.

Making money online

Making money online

Making money online

Look how tiny this thing is!!

I realize these things aren’t new to most people, but whatever, new to me. Incredible how small technology is these days. Can’t wait to see what it’s like in 30 years from now, and in 50 years when I adopt whatever is available in 30.

That’s all there is to it

Run video ads, collect points, start making money online. This is way easier to do than internet surveys, especially if you’re suffering from a touch of ye oldé carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you refer people, you get 500 points if they redeem their first reward. Not exactly a huge incentive to refer people.. but it’s something at least.

Sign up for Perk  (non-referral

Here’s the The PerkTV app. (and for iOS)

As far as I know, there is no limit to the amount of devices you have running Perk.TV, and it’s companion apps. On reddit I’ve seen people say they’re using more than 20 Android phones to run Perk.TV, and they earn like $350 a month doing it. I have run 8x at most at one time, but usually it’s 5. No issues here.

Note: PerkTV requires iOS 6+, Android 4.0+, or Windows Phone 8+ to operate.

Other Perk apps

Perk has apps that will reward you for using them. For example there’s a word search app that rewards you for finding words in a .. word search. There’s also a lock screen swipe reward. Really helps making money online to have multiple options.

Perk Pop Quiz (iOS)

A fun trivia app with a ton of categories, it’s actually pretty great and the best of the Perk apps in my opinion. The only one I actually had fun playing and using personally. Good game to play in bed.

Perk Word Search (iOs)

You find words. It’s a word search.

Perk Unlock & Win (not available on iOS)

The best for reward points I believe, and the Google Play store rating is currently 4.2/5. When you turn your phone on, you swipe to unlock it and that’s it.

Perk Wallet (iOS)

This one doesn’t actually reward you any points, it’s just a wallet app you can install to use your points. If you live in the U.S, in addition to giftcards and PayPal, you can load it on to a debit card. If you’re like me and not in the U.S, can’t use Perk Plastik (the debit card). This makes the wallet app pretty useless, so don’t bother installing it.

Perk Prize Mob (iOS)

Use your Perk tokens (not points) to bid on sweepstakes. Kinda useless because you can do that on the website or in the other apps.. but it does reward you tokens for using it. I wouldn’t bother

Perk Scratch & Win! (iOS)

You use your tokens to play a really crappy scratch & win game. It’s actually really easy and the rewards are pretty decent. You also earn a daily Perk point (1, 2, 5, 10, 20) just for opening it. Once you earn a whole point of tokens, just give it to the kid and show them how to do it, they’ll have a blast and you get points without having to do it yourself. Win.

Jetpack Journey

It’s a Flappy Bird clone, but you’re a panda with a jetpack. I really sucked at Flappy Bird, and so I suck at this one too. It’s not too bad for points, if you’re good at it. It shows ads between the games.


Goodluck with your making money online. As always, lemme know on Twitter if you have any questions or anything!

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