The Electric Highway Festival In Calgary! April 17-18, 2020 – Cancelled

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Electric Highway 2020 Has Been Cancelled Due To The Coronavirus

After previous successful years, they’re coming back to Calgary for another festival! Across the weekend of April 17th & 18th, The Electric Highway Festival (formerly known as the 420 Music & Arts Festival) is set to put on one hell of show with over 20 different bands from across North America at the Legion on 7th Ave. Rock, stoner rock, metal, doom, sludge, heavy blues, psychedelic – anything heavy and fuzzy! There’s even going to be a vendor market and a pinball tournament.

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Don’t miss the Electric Highway kickoff party being held at The Palomino, April 16th. Details below.

420 Music & Arts Festival Name Change

From their site:

“After careful consideration, we have decided to change the name of the festival to The Electric Highway. When we came up with the concept for the festival in the fall of 2016, legalization was only an idea and we had no idea what impact that would have on our festival. One would think that legalization would be positive, however, it has been more of a headache and hindrance for the festival on many levels. Between FB permanently shutting down some of our ad accounts to cumbersome government-imposed rules and regulations limiting what we could do, and various other limitations standing in our way, we made the decision to change. We can focus on the growth of the festival without being limited in any way and still provide all our guests with a great experience.”

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The Electric Highway Pinball Tournament

Returning for it’s second year, there will be a pinball tournament on day 2, at PinBar.

The Electric Highway Festival Official Poster

The Electric Highway Festival Official Poster
Artwork by David Paul Seymour.

Kickoff Party @ The Palomino

The Electric Highway Festival Kickoff Party Poster
Artwork by David Paul Seymour.

The Electric Highway Festival Lineup

Over 20 different bands (7 from Calgary!) over 2 different days. Going to be wild.

Day 1

Day 2

The Electric Highway – What To Expect 

The Festival has 2 stage areas – the main large one on the first floor and a smaller secondary stage on the second level. Bands will be alternating all evening between the Main stage and the second stage both nights so there will be a constant flow of traffic between areas.

Day One, Friday, April 17th

Wo Fat from Dallas, Texas will be returning with their brand of psychedelic heavy blues to headline night one, and we are flying in their bro’s in DUEL to share the stage with them that night too! Mothership will also be coming in from Dallas – the Supersonic Intergalactic Heavy Rock trio. Also laying waste to Friday night are BC’s Buzzard & CHUNKASAURUS, coming all the way from Portland, Oregon we have Hippie Death Cult & LáGoon, joining us from Montreal is PINK COCOON, and representing our amazing local scene will be Father MoonLocutus, Row of Giants and The WORST.

Day Two, Saturday, April 18th

Bringing the fuzz from California, we are STOKED AF to welcome back the mighty Sasquatch to headline our whole party. As for the rest of Saturday, it just wouldn’t be a party without Vancouver’s La Chinga on the bill, along with local faves Gone Cosmic, Bazaraba, and Shadow Weaver from Calgary, Crossfield, Alberta’s Set & StonedHemptress from Kamloops, BC, The Sleeping Legion from Winnipeg and rounding out our first lineup, from Saskatoon, The Basement Paintings.

The Electric Highway Festival Arts Expo & Market 

In addition to music, Electric Highway will also have a vendor market! The market is fully integrated within the festival, and is open to all ticket holders.

It’ll also be free and open to the public from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM on Saturday April 18th. The market will be in the room next to the second stage, on the second level.


This is one show you’re not going to want to miss. The Legion also has cheap beer!

PS: they’re looking for volunteers to help with the door, merch sales, drivers & more. Shoot them a DM, or an e-mail.



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