Monthly Video Game Nights at Local510

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Video Game Night at Local510

For over a year now there has been a monthly video game night at Local510 on 17th ave sw, where anyone who wants to play is invited to come do so – for free. They happen on the last Monday of the month. There are arcade games, retro, indie (Steam) on a projection screen, PS4/Xbox/Switch etc. It started off with a few retro consoles being setup with some TVs in the back area, but has grown to take over the entire bar. The video game night is on a Monday night, from 8pm until 2am. Local510 has some specials, like $5 PBR tallboys, cheap corn dogs, popcorn, but their full menu is available too. Goes together with gaming quite well.


How It Started

Just a small thing between a couple friends. I believe this was April of 2016. A milk crate, a small space, a projector, and a handful of people.


Video game night at Local510


July 31st is the next one

The next video game night is on the 31st, and it has a heavy metal theme to it. The video game nights at Local510 are held on the last Monday of every month.

They’ll have the Megadeth saison from Unibroue on tap, and Heavy Metal will be playing on the TVs not being used for gaming.


Video game night at Local510



My First Visit in 2016

July 16th 2016 I dropped by to check it out in person, though I could only stay for like an hour. This was the first time I played against Marta (from CJSW). She totally destroyed me in Smash Brothers. More so than I had ever really been before. See, back in the day of Smash Bros only being on the N64, I was godlike at it. Theeee best. Unbeatable! Among my group of friends anyway. Ever since then I’ve been trying to best her whenever we happen to cross paths at the video game night. I’ve yet to do it. If I ever manage to do it, I’ll probably retire from Smash Bros right there and then.


Video Game Night photos

World One Arcade donate the cabinets. They truck them in, set them up, all for people to play for free. World One are actually trying to get their own full time bar + arcade up up and running. Go check out their page with more info http://worldonearcade.ca. When the Calgary Entertainment & Comic Expo was at the video game night, they were giving away prizes based on the arcade game scores. Free tickets and swag and stuff, it was rad.

Video game night at Local510


Video game night at Local510


The retro consoles are setup in the back area up the stairs. There’s NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Switch, and others. They switch them up every so often. I’ve even seen a virtual boy here. These consoles and TVs are donated by the Video Game Trader. Everything of course is free to play. Bomberman is especially fun in a big group.

Video game night at Local510


Video game night at Local510


Since it came out, the VGT has been bringing a Nintendo Switch for people to play. If you haven’t used one yet, the video game night at Local510 is where you can do eeeet. And drink beer. And have fun with friends, or strangers, and make new friends. Everyone that attends these shindigs is cool, there’s no dudebros or broskies or even homie G’s. Everyone is pretty much just a nerd of some kind. It’s good stuff.

Video game night at Local510


As I said, the selection of retro consoles for play varies a little bit, but they always have plenty setup. Things tend to get a little busy towards midnight, so you’ll probably want to show up earlier to bogart the NES.

Video game night at Local510


A laptop + projector get setup in the main room of Local510, and indie Steam games are available for people to play. Duck Game is a good one, Tricky Towers, Gang Beasts, all really good games for this kind of setting. Last month they had put the project out on the patio and made everyone walking by jealous with Smash Brothers.

Video game night at Local510


Video game night at Local510


Video game night at Local510



Video of Arcade Night at Local510

Someone made this video about the arcade night. Unsure who, but it’s a good example of what goes down.


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