Halloween at the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

The Skeleton King is back

For 22 years I’ve been humming “What’s This?” to myself, be it Christmas or Halloween, or just the days that end in Y. In case you’ve been living under a rock for a couple of decades, I’m referring to one of the delightful songs from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Only the best Halloween AND Christmas movie ever! And the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra is doing it!!

What could I possibly have to say about this movie that’s decades old? Came out in 1993, which is over 20 years ago.

I’m glad you asked! (Ok, you didn’t but it’s my blog and I have a cold and darnit, you’re going to listen!)

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Photo courtesy of Arts Commons

You may already know that we have a neat little band here in town by the name of The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO), but what you may not know is all of the ridiculously cool stuff they do. I mean, Mozart is amazing and all, but it’s not for everyone. But who doesn’t love cartoons?!

I’m looking at you, Larry Heather.

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Movie Nights!

The CPO frequently brings more than just your average concerto, choral group, or guest conductor to our great city. My favorite instance is when the CPO brings a movie night to its performances. Yes, you heard me correctly, movie night! My first such night was the showing of excerpts from Fantasia & Fantasia 2000 while the orchestra played the score LIVE!! Seriously, how frigging cool is that??

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Halloween

That brings me to Halloween 2015 which found us in costume, still holding the loot from trick or treating with Mini, and in our seats at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Our favorite orchestra was going to play the ENTIRE score to the ENTIRE showing of Nightmare Before Christmas!!

Candy and cartoons in my orchestra? It’s more likely than you’d think!

It was amazing. It was stupendous. It was delightful, fantastical, sublime, great, stellar, doubleplusgood, and downright super.

It was, in a word, perfect.

If the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra makes this an annual event, you can bet that the Crackmacs family will happily be following this tradition for many years to come.

Don’t miss out on the Fairytales & Legends Festival, on now!



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