Die Tote Stadt Presented by the Calgary Opera

Die Tote Stadt in Calgary

Listening to opera music and I very much love to see it performed live, so it’s always a treat when I can make it out to the Calgary Opera. It was super exciting to see Die Tote Stadt was going to be playing in Calgary!

Die Tote Stadt stars Lyne Fortin as Marie/Marietta, David Pomeroy as Paul, Brett Polegato as Fritz/Frank and Emilia Boteva as Brigatta. Kelly Robinson directs.

Die Tote Stadt

Image courtesy of Calgary Opera

“Calgary Opera welcomes back Maestro Bramwell Tovey as Conductor. Bramwell is a gifted Conductor and Musical Director, a published composer and a Juno and GRAMMY Award winner.”


This beautiful opera centers on a grieving widower Paul as he mourns his beautiful wife Marie. He pines over Marie to his friends as they come over to visit. He bellows to the help who dust the shroud on Marie’s painting. Even to the stars who look down upon him as he weeps in song.

During his mopey wanderings he happens upon a vision of a woman, Marietta, who bears a striking resemblance to his departed wife. Paul is torn between the memory of his pure, loving wife and this joyous, bawdy, impostor. Tormented, he pledges his love and lust to Marietta in a night of passion as it builds to its thrilling, and surprising conclusion.

Here’s a great companion guide to the opera – Tote Stadt Study Guide.

The music was composed by Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

The sets were used very effectively and the costumes for this production were gorgeous, particularly the gold sequined number that Marietta was wearing. Also, the wardrobe was beautiful and elegant, as you would expect from a world class opera.

Don’t Miss Die Tote Stadt

Brava to the stars, whose rich, luxurious voices play in the back of my mind as I go about my day. What a treat that was to listen to! There are two more showings of Die Tot Stadt for you to enjoy, February 3rd and 5th 2016 at the Southern Jubilee Auditorium.

In addition to being a pleasure to watch and listen to, opera in Calgary makes a wonderful date night.

Don’t miss out!

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