Granary Road is now open!

Granary Road

Just south of Calgary is a new attraction that just opened up to the public, and if you have kids, you’re going to want to take them there. Granary Road is a large theme park slash educational exhibit. Plus there is going to be a farmers market and a restaurant setup inside the building. Granary Road just opened, however the farmers market and restaurant aren’t open yet. Soon I’d guess.

I was invited by them to come check out their digs, so I went, and took lots of pictures. Thank you for the invite!

Their website is

Granary Road


So what is Granary Road?

A large 36 acre themed education playground, basically. Granary Road has a number of different exhibits setup around the grounds, each with their own theme and information. Granary Road is really dedicated on bringing in classrooms of children for field trips as well. Wish I had something like this when I was a kid.

Each exhibit is built larger than life and meant for people to climb all over it, for the most part. There’s a couple exhibits where you get to see and pet animals (like goats!), so best not to be climbing around on them. At each exhibit they have an amphitheater for doing presentations and learning up some kids. They also have TVs so they can play videos and like such as.

Here’s a map of the grounds. Photos below.

Granary Road Map


The Granary Road Farmers Market

Back in June when they invited me to drop by and check the place out, they had a small farmers market set up as a demonstration of what it’ll look like once things are up and running. I ran into the Perogy Guy! He was setup at the Blackfoot Farmers Market, but closed his booth down there and will be full time at Granary Road. Good Ukranian perogies.

The place was filled with vendors that had stuff to eat, pet food + gear, bath stuff and creams and some other things you’d expect to see at a farmers market.

Granary Road


Granary Road

The sliders were really good. Bison? I think.


Granary Road

The banana chocolate .. chocolates were really good.


Granary Road


Granary Road

The meat trays from Luc’s European Meats were so good. The olive stuffed peppers were a nice touch. So good.


Granary Road


Granary Road


Beer was served up by Village. Their Blacksmith is one of my favourite local craft beers. Love dark beers.

Granary Road Beer


Granary Road – Frog Pond Fun Pad

Our first stop into Granary Road was the frog pond. The ‘Frog Pond Fun Pad’ has 3 large padded trampolines that are built into the ground. I don’t have any photos of them because when we were there, they hadn’t been installed yet.

Granary Road


Granary Road Frog Pond

The Frog Pond Fun Pad had a few things for toddlers to climb on and have fun with.

Granary Road


This is what the grounds look like. Plus there was a cool looking cloud, so hey, picture time!

In the water were some fake ducks that I think were moving. Should have got a video. Anyway, behold! A cool cloud.

Granary Road



Granary Road Mushroom Meander

Learning about mushrooms is fun. Kids love them or hate them, but I think they’ll be down with climbing in and around them no matter what. Mushroom Meander is not only a mini playground, it has actual real mushrooms for kids to check out.


Granary Road Mushroom


Granary Road


Granary Road

Mushroom mushroom!

Granary Road


Granary Road

Lots of little spaces for kids to climb in up/around, even if they don’t care to learn about mushrooms.


Granary Road Orchard Tree House

There isn’t much to learn at this one. Just a larger-than-life orchard themed jungle gym to kids to run amok in.

Granary Road


It even has a sweet escape route. Here’s Brangwyn demonstrating.

Adults can fit down the green tube, yes.

Granary Road


Granary Road Bee Hive Honeycomb

This exhibit wasn’t finished yet, but it’ll be great. They’ll have all sorts of hands on things, plus a giant flower bed in the middle. Can’t wait to check it out again. #SaveTheBees

Granary Road


Zee Goats!!

Granary Road has goats. And a full petting zoo. You can walk up and pet goats and be one with the goats. Goats goats goats.

If they goats need alone time, they can climb up to the goat only area and just chill.

Granary Road Goats


There is also sheep!


And Alpacas!


The petting zoo also had a miniature horse, turkeys, and will have more in the future.

Granary Road Petting Zoo



Granary Road Ant Farm

No theme park is complete without a giant ant house you can climb around in.

Granary Road


The eggs were a very cool touch. They were light and easy to throw around.

Granary Road


Granary Road


Kids getting to see what an ant farm might look like, and climb through it all.

Granary Road


Granary Road Chicken Coop

Basically a chicken themed playground. Never seen one of those before. It was pretty cool, kids are going to love it. Kids love chicken themed playgrounds.

Granary Road

Couldn’t pet these guys. They’ll peck your eyes out if they could! Well probably not, stay vigilant.

I don’t remember what kind of chicken they are.

Granary Road


Granary Road Arachnid Web

A spider themed exhibit/playground.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s not scary, it’s fun!

Bring the kids by to climb around with spiders. Make sure to bring that aunt who is terrified of them. Yes I know I’m a bad person.

Granary Road


Granary Road


Kids will actually love this one. Granary Road Spiders


Wellsir, There It Is

In a nut shell, you’ve now seen Granary Road. There is way more information you should read about Granary Road, and their website is the best place to do that Fun fact: their educational curriculum are 100% aligned with the Alberta Education curriculum requirements for kindergarten through grade 9.

If you have kids, I highly suggest checking it out.


Getting to: Here’s their location in Google Maps. Pretty easy to get to, about 30 minutes from downtown Calgary.

Granary Road: 226034 112th St W
MD of Foothills, Alberta
T0L 0X0

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