A Night of Passion with The Crucible

The Crucible in Calgary

Photo courtesy of Theatre Calgary

A Review

I don’t like to do much research on things. Sometimes because it’s pajama time, but mostly because I’m an experience junkie, a sensation seeker, someone who thrills in the immersion of new things. I like the unknown. I knew going in that The Crucible was the 1953 play written by Arthur Miller, and it focused on the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 but that was it. I highly recommend experiencing things this way. Nothing to compare it to or a context to attach to it. Your mind is free to make itself up, and draw conclusions any way it deems fit.

The opening of Theatre Calgary’s The Crucible shows a group of girls giggling, dancing, leaping, and…naked? The horror! A man stumbles upon the group, causing one to shriek and fall into a faint. Thus the play begins and we see the lies of young women who were caught experimenting with Barbados voodoo, courtesy of the help, and one who takes her adulterous love of a married farmer so far, it rips the entire town apart.

I’m not going to get into a big, long rambling description because I think you should go see the play! There are genuine belly laughs throughout courtesy of  Terrence Kelly as Giles Corey, as well as some major passion from Karl Sine as John Proctor. Stephen Hair gives an indignant, pompous, jerkface poopoohead performance as Deputy-Governor Danforth, a religious man hellbent on having the Lord’s will served.

See It.

Any performance that elicits emotion is one worth watching! Don’t miss out on this glimpse into Puritanical history.

The Crucible

Photo courtesy of Theatre Calgary

The Crucible runs until November 09th

Thank you to Theatre Calgary for the opportunity to experience such an amazing and thought provoking show, something that should not be missed! Calgary is lucky to have such a killer theater and arts community.

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