Winsport Sport & Adventure Camps

Calling all adventurers!

This is the first year we’ve ventured into the world of summer day camps. Last year we tried out half days at Pedalheads and Mini loved it so much we booked a few different camps for her this summer. Up first for the summer we chose the Winsport Sport & Adventure Camp!


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Pokestops in Calgary! Where are they?

PokemonGO hits Canada!

As you’re probably aware, PokemonGO has been officially released in Canada on Android/iOS. Our previous blogpost is now pretty much useless, but, hope it helped! Now.. for some new info! Get Pikachu! Pokestops in Calgary! See Pokemon locations REAL TIME! Gym battling! How to extend the life of your battery while playing! Squeeeeeee!

Catch a Pikachu as your starter Pokemon

This only works if you’re new to the game sorry. Basically, when you’re presented with the 3 initial Pokemon to catch, Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander, you simply walk away from them. Do this 4 times and Pikachu will also show up alongside them! Pikaaaapika! Here’s a video showing how it’s done.


Pokestops in Calgary

If you live out in the suburbs in Calgary and you’re playing PokemonGO.. it’s a less than stellar experience. The non-downtown Pokestops in Calgary are few and far between and you’re likely going to have a hard time keeping Pokeballs in stock.

Pokestops in Calgary
This was around Shawnessy.

If you live downtown, you’ve had a much different experience. Pokestops are everywhere! There are so many clusters of stops, it’s incredibly easy to fill up on Pokeballs and potions without having to go far. Most of all, Eau Claire is especially good.

A few spots I recommend;

Pokestops in Calgary

Due to the sheer amount of people in the area, someone is usually lighting up the lures in these spots. You may notice it in person as there will be 50 people standing around.. it’s quite something to see.

In addition here is a user-submitted map of Pokestops in Calgary, including gyms and possible ‘nests’ (where the same type of Pokemon spawn regularly) As you can see below, there are quite a few.

Pokestops in Calgary

There is also but it’s not as filled with content yet.


See Pokemon in real time on a map

Pokevision is a website that pulls info from the Niantic API, showing where Pokemon are located on a map in real time, including their ‘despawn’ timers. Below is a screenshot of the Santa Monica Pier. I can’t post a screenshot of anywhere in Calgary because their servers are getting destroyed by so many people trying to access it right now. It was working early this morning. It won’t show you the Pokestops in Calgary, just the Pokemon.

Okay, as you probably already know, Pokevision has been taken down by Niantic, with a cease and desist. Sucks! — HOWEVER! THERE IS A NEW ALTERNATIVE SITE! It does the same thing. Go catch’ em all!

Here is a link to Pokevision, centered in on Prince’s Island. Hopefully when you’re trying to view it, it works. It’s very cool. Good way to find what you need. Until Nintendo/Niantic send them a cease and desist haha 🙂

Pokestops in Calgary
Santa Monica Pier

Gym Battles

Gym battles aren’t as straightforward as you would think, in my opinion anyway. You need to be level 5 to battle or even access a gym. Once you are level 5 and do hit up a gym, you’ll be presented with 3 teams you can join. Valor, Instinct, Mystic. It doesn’t really matter which team you go with, but we rolled with Mystic so they’re the best 😀

  • Gym level depicts how many Pokemon you need to defeat to take it over. Level 5 gym? You’ll have to defeat 5 of them to claim it for your team.
  • Gyms technically have a ‘leader’, whomever has the highest CP attack power is leader. They’ll have a little crown beside their name in the gym Pokemon list.
  • To battle, you keep tapping the screen as fast as you can. Doing this will get your Pokemon to do their normal attack. They have a secondary ability! You ‘charge’ it up by doing normal attacks.Pokestops in Calgary

Once your ability blocks are full, rather than just tapping, tap + hold to use the secondary attack.

  • You can dodge attacks! Swipe left or right and your Pokemon will jump to the side. Do it when your opponent’s ability appears above it’s head. For example: “Pidgeotto used Air Cutter!” – swipe!!
  • To level up your own team gym, you’ll need to battle it and defeat them over and over until the level increases. Just like saiyans! Once the level increases, more of your teams Pokemon can be added.


Extend your battery life while playing PokemonGO. This is big! Android only.

PokemonGO demands you walk around with your phone out, screen brightness is pumped to full, and it sucks your battery dry. Even those of us with beefy batteries don’t last very long without a USB backup while out and about. PokemonGO does have a ‘battery saver’ option within the settings, but it only dims the screen if you flip the phone upside down.

There is a solution.. for Android only. GO Extender. It works in a couple of neat ways. It’ll turn the screen black (disabling the GPU) if you hold your phone upside down, and/or use a ‘proximity sensor’ (using the selife camera) to turn the screen off while it’s in your pocket. Most noteworthy! Not only does it save battery life, while it’s in your pocket, eggs will still hatch! Your steps will still count.

Also? it disables the touch screen so you won’t accidentally tap out of the game or bring up other apps.

Get it here from Google Play. 5 day free trial, then $1.89 to remove ads.

Here’s a video of how it works, from Phandroid.


PokemonGO Calgary Subreddit


PokemonGO Calgary! It’s here! Sort of!

PokemonGO Calgary!

Well damn. PokemonGO was released, and it’s kind of taking over the world. It hasn’t been ‘officially’ released for play here in Canada yet, but that doesn’t stop anyone from downloading and installing it to catch some Pikachus. Furthermore, PokemonGO Calgary!!!!!!! Wanna play too? Let’s get you started, see below. It’s free.



You simply just need to download and install the APK file (APKs = Android apps). Only download from APKmirror! There is at least one copy of PokemonGO floating around that has a backdoor in it, but APKmirror is safe. Here’s an article on it. If you use the Pirate Bay or something like that to download it, don’t be surprised if your phone gets compromised.

If you don’t already know how to install APK files on your droid (referred to as ‘sideloading’)

  1. Go into Settings
  2. Go into Security
  3. Tap on ‘Unknown sources’ (allow installation of apps from unknown sources).
  4. Tap OK

You’ll now be able to install stuff outside of the Google Play store. Download the APK and install! Or, if you’ve already downloaded it, go into ‘apps’ and then the ‘downloads’ folder thing, it should be there. You can also use a file explorer to do it. I recommend FX File Explorer.

If you’re on Android and have any questions, please by all means post below in a comment or shoot me some tweets. I’d love to help!



Alright so this is a little different than Android. You can only install PokemonGO from the App Store and you’ll need to make a new account to do so. At present time, today, July 11th 2016, PokemonGO is not available in Canada, so you won’t be able to just straight up install it as you would anything else. This will very likely change in the near future of course, but today is today, so here’s how to do it.

TLDR; make a U.S. App Store account, download game through that.

  1. Sign out of your regular Canadian App Store account.
  2. Change your settings so you’re set to the U.S region, instead of Canada.
  3. Search for PokemonGO in the App Store (or click here)
  4. Tap Get / Install.
  5. Create a new Apple ID/account, check United States if it isn’t already.
  6. Enter an e-mail/password.
  7. Tap None, for billing info.
  8. Enter in a legit U.S address — here’s one! It’s the Playboy Mansion.

    10236 Charing Cross Rd
    Los Angeles, CA 90024

  9. Open Mail to verify the e-mail address you just used for the US account.
  10. Login to your new account.
  11. Search for PokemonGO in the App Store (or click here).
  12. Tap Get / Install.
  13. Once it’s installed, sign out of your new U.S account.
  14. Log back into your regular Canadian App Store account.
  15. Catch em’ all!


For the record, I’ve never used iOS or iTunes or any of that Apple nonsense, so if these instructions don’t work for you — I’m sorry but I cannot help. I’d love to! Really! I just don’t know anything about the iOS environment and would only be Googling it, which you can do yourself :Þ

If you have a friend that just can’t get this to work, I’ve seen mention of multiple people using the same U.S account with success, so you can make one and just give the login details to them so they can go download PokemonGO through that. Does this violate the Apple terms of service? no idea. It works, though.

One more thing, you might need to log back into the U.S. account for game updates. Maybe when they release it in Canada you won’t have to?


PokemonGO Calgary Facebook Groups

A handful of Facebook groups have wildly appeared. Here’s a few:

Please let me know if there’s any other ones with 100+ members worth adding to this list. Thanks.

Specific PokemonGO Teams Facebook Groups

PokemonGO Calgary

While there is no actual difference in the team you decide to play on, I’d recommend checking out what the dominant gym colour in your area is first. If your neighborhood gyms are all Red constantly, and you go Blue.. you’re gonna have a hard time leveling up.  To defeat the gym, you’ll need to take on ALL of the pokemon within in, and beat them over and over until the gym rep is 0. Not going to be easy as a lone wolf.

Anyway, I’m sure there are some great guides out there on this, I just wanted to cover some basics.

Discord PokemonGO Calgary Chatroom

This Discord invite should be permanent. If you wanna come yap about Pokemon on IRC, there’s a #Calgary channel setup on EFnet 🙂

PokemonGO Calgary on Twitter

For updates and news, some nice people have started this account to keep us all abreast.

Am I Missing Something?

Please drop a comment below if I’ve missed a big Facebook group or Myspace forum or something like that. It’s been hard to pull myself away from the game long enough to blog this out, never mind finding online groups.


Also, this is great:


The Crackmacs Pokemans

Managed to get an Aerodactyl from hatching an egg. Muh baby!

Only I (Mr) plays this game. Usually with mini right behind me. Afterall, she picked the blue team for me, I need her input elsewhere. S’what being a parent is about right? Anyway.

PokemonGO Calgary


My current roster, sorted by strongest (with the most CP).

PokemonGO Calgary



See you guys out there.

Wind Mobile in Calgary

Wind Mobile in Calgary

Opening shop in December of 2009, they’ve been around for a few years now in Calgary, but, are they worth the switch in 2016? Is Wind Mobile in Calgary just as good as the big providers? Recently Wind has been making waves with announcements of network improvements, and as a customer of theirs, I wanted to share my experience with them, as I did with Mobilicity.

I subscribe to their $40/mo plan, which includes unlimited talk, text, and 5gb of data (normally 2gb but + 3gb bonus). Talk and text have been pretty flawless, so I’m just going to talk about their data. That’s what most people care about right? Who talks on the phone anymore?!

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Connaught Dog Park Tour

Located in Connaught Park, 11th street and 14th avenue SW

On June 2nd, the city of Calgary opened up a brand new dog park in downtown! We don’t own a dog, however the new Connaught dog park is really close to us, and we just happened to be one street over, so we decided to stop by and grab some pictures and video to share.

There are numerous benches, lots of grass, woodchips, pine trees, shade, and even a 3 tier water fountain! It’s located right next door to St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, and across the street from Niko’s Pizza, and Galaxie Diner.

Connaught Dog Park Fountains

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