Seen Killer Clowns in Calgary?

Killer Clowns in Calgary

Recently pictures and stories of ‘killer clowns in Calgary’ have been circulating the local social medias. Even though clowns aren’t scary to most people, they can certainly be if seen standing in front of your house at 3 in the morning, or hiding in the bushes, or scrubbing out your shower.

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Making money online with video ads

Making Money Online

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post about making money online, the last one being doing internet surveys, and I’ve had some pretty good success with another method, running video ads on old electronic devices.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been without a job since November 2015, and it’s getting pretty old. Not having extra money to piss away on things really sucks. I’ve been sending out applications and resumes like crazy lately, to no avail. Making money offline is not exactly possible right now, so, let’s start making money online.

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Touring Calgary breweries, again!

Touring Calgary Breweries .. again!

Earlier this year I was invited by Calgary Brewery Tours to check out their new service …. touring Calgary breweries, and it was awesome. They’ve recently put together a new local tour and once again invited me to attend, you bet I said yes. Cleared my busy schedule (lol) and off I went.

Before I get ahead of myself, just wanted to mention we (I and the Mrs) sort of took the summer off from blogging. You may have noticed (if anyone actually reads this?). We spent the last two months or so doing outdoorsy stuff, camping, fishing, spending time with the kid, Stampeding and so on. Even a little traveling! We went to Edmonton and visited Kikki Planet, and hit up West Edmonton Mall. It was a blast, the water park is even more fun now than when I was a kid, it has one of those free unlimited coke machines. The Mrs actually went to Edmonton twice, once for West Ed/Planet and once to stay at the Fairmont MacDonald hotel for her birthday. She stayed on their gold floor. They honoured her request for Nicolas Cage photos in the room, and then some.  So jealous. Anyway! on to the beery goodness.

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Winsport Sport & Adventure Camps

Calling all adventurers!

This is the first year we’ve ventured into the world of summer day camps. Last year we tried out half days at Pedalheads and Mini loved it so much we booked a few different camps for her this summer. Up first for the summer we chose the Winsport Sport & Adventure Camp!


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Pokestops in Calgary! Where are they?

PokemonGO hits Canada!

As you’re probably aware, PokemonGO has been officially released in Canada on Android/iOS. Our previous blogpost is now pretty much useless, but, hope it helped! Now.. for some new info! Get Pikachu! Pokestops in Calgary! See Pokemon locations REAL TIME! Gym battling! How to extend the life of your battery while playing! Squeeeeeee!

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