May 2022 Update

Hey there! Welcome welcome. We’re actually building an entirely new website from scratch. It’s going to be so much fun. Got some new ideas, big plans for the future, and a LOT of gusto. When it’s ready this site will automagically redirect you there. A bunch of the content on this site is out of date, a little disorganized and not super relevant for 2022. Rather than try to keep it hobbling along, we’re taking what we’ve learned from hosting a blog since 2014 and making something better.

Love you lots and thank you for being part of our journey. Way more to come. For now? Join us on our socials, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Discord! (biggest Discord server in Calgary, lots of great people!)

Ps. We’re also working on a new social media account, Events in Calgary. Strictly events! Highly curated! No crap! Mostly ticketed events, check it out.