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On crackmacs.ca you can expect to find blog posts about the city of Calgary, including things to do and events, the food/drink/cannabis scene, reviews, rants, contests and more. We have lived in the downtown Calgary core for a very long time, and love living here! Calgary is a great place to raise a family, work and play, or just to visit. Are you looking to work with us? Make sure to drop by our Discord server!

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Guide: Purcell Mountain Lodge, British Columbia

Travel guide: Purcell Mountain Lodge. It's is a fly-in, fly-out only resort getaway located in BC and it is amazing!

About Purcell Mountain Lodge This secluded luxury lodge has only one way in and out: a helicopter ride from the picturesque town of Golden, British Columbia. Well, you could definitely hike up and down (13km hike each way) but the incredible helicopter flights in and out are something that shouldn’t be missed AND your flights are included in your booking fee! It’s recommended you stay in Golden the night before, so you can arrive at the hangar for your early morning flight. Purcell Mountain Lodge has partnered with local Golden hotels to offer a great rate for it’s guests. We…

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