2022 Account Name Update

On May 25th 2022 we changed our username from crackmacs to cmcalgary. On our blog, on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Discord and everywhere else it can be changed. Please bear with us as we transition to a new website and having to create new accounts where needed. Changing your username is new to us so it’s possible some things get missed along the way. Eventually this website will auto re-direct to where people need to go.


Why the account name change?

It was changed because the old name was simply not a good name. It took longer than it should have to come to this realization but we got there. We apologize to anyone that was offended by the old account name – it was never our intention to offend anyone.


Why cmcalgary? What does the cm stand for?

“cm” has been a name people have been calling us for the past several years and it just kind of stuck as it’s own nickname. A couple of years ago on Twitter we changed the display name to just “cm” because it felt like a good idea. “cm” feels like a very different identity than what the old name carried. For the second part of the name, “Calgary” because the new account name had to be available on FB/IG/Twitter and “cmcalgary” was! Having the word Calgary in the username also kind of makes sense for us.

cm just stands for cm.


More info to come. Got lots of work to do.