Work with us

Work With Us

Have an idea for something? We’re open to sponsored posts or content over social media. Give us a shout here or send a Twitter DM.

For sponsored posts and tweets please keep in mind, it needs to be something relevant to Calgary, and something our readers would be interested in, and something we would typically take part in ourselves. We would never spam our followers with fake testimonials or insincere support for something. Without them, we’re nothing. For example, we take public transit, so you’ll likely never see a sponsored post about renting cars or which new Jeep you should buy. Until we bother getting our drivers licenses 🙂 Maybe 2018 is the year!

We’ve always been 100% genuine in anything we’ve shared, and that will not change, even for money.

Did you know the FTC requires bloggers/celebrities to mention when they’ve been paid to promote something? See for yourself. As such, any content that matches that criteria will be clearly labeled as SPONSORED in each post. We’re not in the United States, but we’ve always been straight up with everyone and want to keep that trend going.

Some demographics and stats.

  • 95% of followers are local to Calgary.
  • Majority of our followers are aged 25-35.
  • More than 50% of our followers are female.
  • 100% of our reach is organic.
  • 2-3 million impressions per month (twitter).
  • Average of 45,000 profile visits per month (twitter).

Brands We’ve Worked With

Summer Love Vodka
The Spesh YYC

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