We’ve teamed up with various Canadian businesses to bring you some exclusive savings on their products, in the form of a coupon code. Saving money is always a good thing! We’ll also get a commission of the money you save, it’s win/win/win. Not only are you supporting local, and saving money while doing it, you’ll also be getting quality in return – we don’t just make these arrangements with anyone.

The businesses listed on this page are established, have a history of being reputable, offering great customer service, and they generally do good stuff in this crazy world.

How It Works

When ordering, use code CRACKMACS. If they have a coupon form, enter it there. If they don’t have a form, reach out to them via e-mail.

That’s it, you’ll save some money. No catches, obligations or other requirements.


Cabcity is a Calgary based design and clothing company that is dedicated to innovating fashion, art, and marketing. Cabcity produces a unique product that is designed from the lifestyle and art of Calgary. We at Cabcity believe that community is the most important aspect of creating a strong business. Cabcity’s mission is to create local, promote local, stay local, for our product. We are fashion. We are marketing. We are photography. We are art. We are music. We are Calgary. We are Cabcity.Cabcity.ca


  • Discount: 10%!
  • Apply the coupon during checkout



Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets

Hippo Hug is a company based in Calgary that specializes in making high-quality therapeutic weighted blankets. They also have a wide assortment of other sensory products, and since COVID-19 started, they’ve been making cotton face masks.

Located a short distance from Chinook Centre, Hippo Hug is the real deal. They make everything by hand right in their building, pay living wages to awesome local people, and their weighted blankets are legendary. Weighted blankets have been proven to help with things like improve quality of sleep, anxiety, stress and other aliments. Hippo Hug weighted blankets are made with unique ceramic-coated metal discs, rather than beads, glass, feathers or any other low quality material. They provide comfort but won’t leave you feeling overheated.

In addition to weighted blankets, lap pads, weighted animals and other sensory products, Hippo Hug also makes a variety of cotton face masks. They have lots of pre-made styles to choose from, including NSFW face masks, plus they can also handle custom order requests. Want face masks with your name/logo on them, in your favourite/corporate colours? They can do it. If you can think it, they can sew it. Reach out to Hippo Hug if you ever have any questions.


  • Discount: 10%!
  • Apply the coupon during checkout

Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets Coupon Save 10%

Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets Coupon Form Crackmacs


Mr. Pin Man

Located in St. Albert, Alberta, Mr. Pin Man is a great company to get custom pins from. They specialize in soft enamel lapel pins but also make dog tags, drinkware, keychains, ornaments, coins and many many other promotional items. They have an entire catalogue of designs for any occasion, plus they can handle custom orders of almost any kind.

We used their services to get crackmacs pins made and were super happy with not only the end product but the entire process. Mr. Pin Man not only made the pin but they also digitally created the artwork for it. A pleasure to work with all around.


Crackmacs enamel pin, made and designed by Mr. Pin Man

If any businesses want to get added to this list, send us a DM or e-mail and let’s chat.