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Discord Calgary

We run a Calgary Discord server that anyone is welcome to join! On the server you’ll find various chatrooms/channels for traditional topics such as #gaming, #pets or #politics etc, but there’s #420 and #pride and #selfies and a whole bunch more. The server is populated with people mostly aged 20 – 40, of all genders, and most people currently reside in Calgary. There are a few snowbirds and expats that no longer live in Calgary but wish to stay connected, and this server is a great way to do that.

Download Discord

Discord comes in all the flavours! A mobile app, a desktop program, or you can even just use Discord through an internet browser.

Join Calgary Discord

Invite link:

Server Rules

Mods/admins will remove content they do not feel is appropriate, or kick/ban people as they see fit. They’re pretty chill tho’

  • Do not spam (sharing the same thing multiple times, or advertising links etc)
  • Do not harass, troll, or otherwise be an asshole to other members
  • Do not block server mods or admins
  • This Discord server has some channels marked as NSFW/18+, which are for adults only

New users (without a role) cannot post images or links to the main #General channel. Hang around the server a little while and a mod or admin will grant you the Regulars role, which will allow you to share images and links.

Calgary Discord General Chat

Server Channels

#announcements Admin-only channel for server updates and announcements.

#rules Server rules, please read them. There’s also descriptions of each channel.

#general For anything and everything

#covid-19 Discuss the COVID-19 situation in Calgary, and Alberta.

#covid-19-updates Updates from Dr. Deena Hinshaw’s Twitter account.

#art-music-media Share your photos, music, creations, videos, etc.

#buy-and-sell If you have something to sell, mention it here.

#introductions Introduce yourself to the server, with as much or as little info as you’re comfortable sharing.

#giveaways Free stuff, sometimes!

#memes-nsfw Drop your best memes.

#selfies Share your best self.

#suggestions Have an idea for the server? Mention it here.

#politics Discuss what’s really important.

#polls Vote on random polls

#pride For any LGBTQ+ discussions, events, etc

#voice-chat-text A channel for people using voice chat to drop links or other text.

#420 Cannabis discussion, photos, advice, questions, etc. No buying/selling!

#adult-kink-nsfw Adult discussion topics. 18+ only!

#fitness-outdoors Discuss how you’re keeping fit, staying healthy, getting out and about

#gaming Talk about video games all day and all night.

#pets Share pet photos, ask questions, give advice.

#social-media Discuss your social media adventures, blogs, websites, etc.

#streaming If you stream video games or anything else, drop a link here when you’re live!

#tech 2600, TCP/IP, scripts, shenanigans, news from the tech world.

#reddit A bot posts new /r/Calgary and /r/Alberta reddit threads.

Calgary Discord Server Roles

On Discord, permissions are based on user roles. We keep it simple on our server and use only minimal roles.

  • Admin Server admins
  • Mod Server moderators
  • Regulars People around regularly
  • OG People who joined the server within the first week
  • Donor People whom have donated to the server in some way, or our Patreon

Discord Tutorial Video

Using Discord isn’t hard, but it does have a slight learning curve. Here’s a video to help you get the hang of it, if you’re new to Discord.


This is meant to be a fun space for Calgarians to shoot the shit, so join up if you’re interested in discussing things with other locals. Maybe you’ll meet some new people? What’s the worst that could happen?

click to join the Discord server!

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4 thoughts on “Join Our Calgary Discord Server!”

  1. Hey! I think I was banned from the Calgary Discord server. A couple months ago, I got hacked and spammed a bunch of Discord servers. As a result, I was banned from a lot of these servers that I really cared about, and Calgary was one of them! I have, of course, changed my password and added two-factor authentication, so hopefully it won’t happen again. Anyway…my username is LazyBear. I’m hoping to get unbanned and return.

    Thanks for listening! 🙂

  2. Discord is just so much better than Skype, and I am glad that it’s getting the attention it deserves now. This Calgary server is something that I am going to join, and I hope that my friends will join this server, too.


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