Hello and welcome! If you’re here, you’re interested in learning about cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Dogecoin. Great! Below you’ll find guides and information on getting started with cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, wallets, exchanges, buying, selling, trading and so on. Everything is explained in layman’s terms and in easy to understand language, with screenshots and videos throughout where helpful. Furthermore, the guides and information are specifically meant for Canadian beginners, although anyone is welcome to use it. If you have any questions please drop them in at the bottom.

Important: the information contained within these pages is not to be taken as financial advice, it is purely meant to be educational. I am not an expert or professional in the crypto scene and I do not offer financial advice; I am not a cat; I am just an enthusiast looking to help others by explaining the basics and how to get started.


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  • Hardware, Software: Wallets Explained



What is an exchange?
An exchange is a website dedicated to letting people buy/sell/convert different cryptocurrencies instantly, like a stock market. Instead of buying or selling shares, you are buying or selling the actual cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.
What is a Wallet?
A wallet is where you store your cryptocurrency, such as a Bitcoin Wallet. A “hot wallet” is connected to the internet and can be accessed, and coins can be sent and deposited. A “cold wallet” is offline and cannot be accessed via the internet, such as a USB drive.
How does Bitcoin work?
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