Banded Peak Brewing


  • Monday closed
  • Tuesday 2 PM โ€“ 9 PM
  • Wednesday 2 PM โ€“ 9 PM
  • Thursday 2 PM โ€“ 9 PM
  • Friday & Saturday 12 AM โ€“ 11 PM
  • Sunday 12 PM โ€“ 6 PM

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About The Brewery

Banded Peak Brewing opened their doors to the public in mid 2016 with much fanfare as they not only had great beer but a popcorn machine! The brewery has gone through a huge face lift since opening, now with more space and seating, and lots of light. Their beer has an outdoor focus and theme.

Beer is available in pints, growlers, 1L cans (great for camping!), and flights.

Banded Peak Brewing taproom

Banded Peak Brewing Beers

Banded Peak Brewing Brewery Tour

Banded Peak Brewing Stills

Banded Peak Brewing Owner
Sept 1, 2016

Banded Peak Core Beers

What is a core beer? Itโ€™s a beer that the brewery sells that it will always sell. Itโ€™s what theyโ€™re known for. Their secret recipe. Seasonals come and go but core beers are eternal.


Refreshingly complex, this Belgian farmhouse style ale has a dry body and a bright straw-coloured hue. The yeast lends a mild spice and earthy characteristic. This beer is as approachable as a patio on a Chinook day.


Welcome to the beer version of spring skiing. Mount Crushmore is audacious like wearing a vintage one-piece snowsuit with fluorescent racing stripes, effervescent like champagne powder and eminently crushable like hard-charging fresh tracks at the local hill on a sun drenched weekday morning. Fermented cold and conditioned for guaranteed crispiness. You have arrived at the pinnacle of pilsner.


An aromatic, style bending approach to the pale ale. The PlainsBreaker is bursting with late addition hops, boasting a huge tropical flavour and aroma. Well balanced, interesting and very approachable, this beer is for every adventure.


This is a beer that embodies adventure. A departure from the classic IPA, it has a deep red colour from Albertaโ€™s world class barley, balanced by a notorious line up of hops. All this packaged in a beer designed for the drinker who has their eyes on the summit.


Throughout the winter, southern aspects on mountainous slopes can present uncertain and variable conditions. It also leads to epic lines on bluebird days for those willing to take the risk. This beer was born out of taking risks and chasing adventure.

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Bells & Whistles

  • Do they serve food? Locally made charcuterie courtesy of Salt Craft Meat, as well as the Barley Beltโ€™s best popcorn.
  • Are kids allowed? Yes! But youโ€™ll probably want to bring something to entertain them.
  • Is there a patio? Not at this time.
  • Can I bring my dog? No sorry, no dogs allowed.

Extra: They carry Annex Ginger Beer and Root Beer and assortment of Happy Belly Kombucha flavours.

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