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  • Monday closed
  • Tuesday 11 AM – midnight
  • Wednesday 11 AM – midnight
  • Thursday 11 AM – midnight
  • Friday 11 AM – 1 AM
  • Saturday 11 AM – 1 AM
  • Sunday 11 AM – midnight

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About The Brewery

As soon as you walk up to Cold Garden you’ll understand what sets this place apart from other breweries in Calgary. The atmosphere inside Cold Garden is unlike anywhere else in Calgary. You can bring kids and dogs, too (dogs need to stay off of the furniture). Cold Garden’s capacity is around 150 people. Their brewery is decorated with all sorts of things, including a giant disco ball pineapple. They also have a space set aside on one of their walls to sell paintings and artwork from local artists. The bathrooms are full of stickers and sharpie wisdom. As for seating, they have several couches and coffee tables, plus a few large long wooden tables like you’d see in a German beer hall. There’s a big stack of board games to play.

The staff are great, service is fast, but it can get a little cramped at the service counter when it gets busy. It can get so busy that there may be a line outside of people waiting to get in. It’s a popular place. The wait isn’t too bad either. If there is a line and you’re just coming for a growler fill, they’ll probably let you in right away to do that.

Cold Garden Beverage Company beer taps and pints

Their taps are the best looking taps in the world. Any place they can put kitsch, they will.

If you order a growler of beer when you get there they can toss it in the fridge with your name on it so you can pick it up on your way out.

Cold Garden Beverage Company colourful and decorated this must be the place

All sorta of board games are ready and available for anyone to play for free. Of course you’re welcome to bring your own as well.

Their beer stills have googley eyes by the way.

Cold Garden Beverage Company furniture couches

The seating in Cold Garden is top of the line second hand couches and chairs. I’ve even seen them use SUV seats. Whatever they are, it’s comfy and pairs well with beer drinking in a group setting.

Cold Garden Beverage Company beer menu

Their menu is a giant chalkboard, with the 8 core beers at the top. When you order a flight of beer (only $6), tell them which numbers you’d like to speed up the process.

I usually go for 3x core beers and 1x of whatever they have in rotating brews/casks.

Cold Garden Beverage Company dogs allowed inside brewery

Doggos! Pupppers! Good boys and girls! You can bring them all right inside with you. If you have a jerk dog or a dog that can’t handle being around other dogs, maybe don’t bring them. It can be somewhat close quarters if it’s busy. Can also get pretty loud in there if your puppy is not a fan of loud noises. Note: by law the dogs are not allowed on the furniture.

Cold Garden Beverage Company inside this must be the place

Cold Garden is the only place in Calgary that I know of that has a giant pineapple disco ball, AND a giant gnome disco ball hanging from the same ceiling.

Cold Garden Beverage Company outside at night

Cold Garden Beverage Company snacks wasabi peas

Even though Cold Garden doesn’t serve food, you can still buy snacks! They have a big dispenser machine that has 3 or 4 various snacks inside. Ripple chips, Cap’n crunch, wasabi peas are my favourites. They cost whatever you’d like to donate to get them. Money that is donated from the snack sales is given to charity.

Cold Garden Beverage Company washroom wall

Cold Garden Beverage Company bathroom walls

Inside both the men’s and women’s washrooms on the walls is a ton of hand written graffiti, and lots of stickers. They make sure to cover up any doxxing, racist stuff and/or shit talking.

It’s really entertaining and changes often.

Cold Garden Beverage Company inside decorations

As you walk in the doors, the above seating will be on your left. Plus some really amazing blankets that exist to hide storage. Or just engage all of the pleasure centers of your brain.

Cold Garden Beverage Company outdoor patio


Core Beers

East Calgary Lager

East Calgary Lager 4.5% ABV, 18 IBU

A Vienna lager with a crisp conventional base. This beer is focused around a toasted malt center and whispers of floral hop flavor and aroma which parlay into a slight malt sweetness that joins the party at the end. This is a lager that rolls with some flavor to it. It can be a gateway beer for the craft averse or a crushable craft lager for the aficionado who needs to come down off a humulone high.

This Must Be The IPA

IPA 6% ABV, 69 IBU

A west coast, light bodied, hop forward, fruity IPA. One sip is like a citrusy fruit salad to the face, like making out with a cold pineapple on a hot day, and like running naked through the hop fields of the pacific North West. This beer can satisfy the alpha acid heads and the rookie swimmer who needs to give their toes a dip before jumping head first down the hop hole. Turn on, tune in, and hop out.

Red Smashed in Buffalo Jump

Lager 5.1% ABV, 26 IBU

An unapologetically malt forward Irish Red Ale. This beer takes a sharp detour off the hop highway and focuses instead on the roasted, toasted, sweet, and neat flavors of the malted barley grain. A blend of caramel and roasted barley gives the Red Smashed In a perfect balance of sweetness and roasted kick. There is a fairy dusting of nearly noble English hops sprinkled in as well just so all that flavor doesnโ€™t get lonely. See you in Malt-halla!

The All-Nighter Vanilla Cappuccino Porter

Porter 5.8% ABV, 23 IBU

Robust Porter with a dominant roasted malt backbone, brewed with milk sugar, vanilla beans, and cold pressed coffee, courtesy of Rebel Bean Coffee Roasters, added in at kegging. With just enough English hops to balance out the beverage, this is like drinking a coffee cake that can give you more than one kind of buzz. Drink it as the sun goes down and again as the sun comes up.


Vienna Lager 5.1% ABV, 25 IBU

A Marzen style lager brewed with real vanilla beans. This beer has a pronounced malty sweet base teeter tottering with a touch of floral, noble hops. The malty base goes on to perform a clown ballet with the vanilla beans resulting in a flavor reminiscent of a birthday cake. An extended lagering process makes this a light drinking session and/or dessert beer. DISCLAIMER: No clowns were harmed in the brewing of Cakeface.

One Summer in Saskatoon

Lager 6.2% ABV, 35 IBU

A farmhouse style Saison brewed with Saskatoon berries. The beer has a kiss of spice up front but moves quickly to a sweet and earthy middle with the Saskatoon berries rolling through at the very end. There is a noticeable but not overwhelming Belgian backbone to the brew that brings it all together. This is a perfect pint to drink when taking a break from a hot day chaffing the wheat or mucking the barns.

Dandelionโ€™s Blonde

Lager 5.1% ABV, 18 IBU

The quintessential light bodied American Blonde Ale. Starts with a touch of upfront malt sweetness that flips to a crisp citrusy finish. This beer is easy drinking for the easy drinker.


Bells & Whistles

  • Do they serve food? โ€“ Cold Garden has snacks by donation. Popcorn, Cap’n Crunch, Wasabi Peas (my fav)
  • Is there a patio? โ€“ Yes. Only available in the summer.
  • Can I bring my dog? โ€“ Yes. Dogs are allowed inside Cold Garden, and outside on the patio. Note: dogs are not allowed, by law, to sit on the furniture.
  • Kids allowed?ย โ€“ Yes! With a parent or guardian.

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