Win a $20 (CAD) PS4 Gift Card (ENDED)

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Join Discord And Win (ENDED)

So I’ve got this Calgary based Discord server and on it is a bot that runs contests for me right? Right, so I tell the bot what to give away, it handles everything, including picking the winner. It’s very easy to enter. You should join up and go win it. If you don’t have a PS4 I bet you know someone who does and would appreciate the gift.

Win a $20 (CAD) PS4 Gift Card Giveaway Bot

What Is Discord?

Discord is a chat program. You connect to a server and communicate with other people using text chat rooms or voice chat rooms. You can connect using the desktop Discord program (Windows/Mac/Linux), the mobile app for Android or iOS, or simply just use a web browser with nothing to install. I would recommend using one of the dedicated apps as you get a better experience.

Here’s the Windows Discord program, with info. Click the image to see a larger version.

Win a $20 (CAD) PS4 Gift Card Discord Desktop Windows

Download Discord

Why Should You Join Discord?

This is a server dedicated to Calgary, with lots of specific Calgary chat rooms. You can find answers to questions, learn about local food/booze, share photos of your pets, get advice about all sorts of things. There’s even a #social-club group, which is about to have their first potluck dinner.

In short, you can meet new people. Come make some friends.

How To Enter

  1. Download Discord first, then join, or just click the link and join using the web based version.
  2. Join the Discord Server
  3. In the #giveaways channel, click the 🎉 underneath the above message.

That’s all you need to do my friend. When the giveaway is over, GiveawayBot will announce to the channel who the winner is. Once picked, I’ll DM them the $20 CAD PS4 code.


Enjoy! Full disclosure: I paid for this gift card myself using credit I had saved up on a website that pays you to do internet surveys.

The giveaway ends 06/23/2019.


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