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Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets Giveaway

You’re going to love this! Hippo Hug is a Calgarian company that makes weighted blankets, therapeutic stuffed animals, cotton face masks, weighted pads and so much more. We’ve teamed up with them (this is a sponsored post) to give away a $1000 Hippo Hug gift card to one lucky winner – to spend however they like. Hippo Hug specializes in weighted blankets, made by hand right here in the city (over by Chinook LRT station) but they also have a wide assortment of face masks and other products. Weighted blankets have a number of therapeutic benefits, including helping with dementia, insomnia, anxiety, restless leg syndrome or a number of other conditions/illnesses. See: weighted blanket tips.

Visit the online Hippo Hug store to check out all of their products.

Note: use code crackmacs to save 10%!

Custom Weighted Blankets

Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets can be customized to your own preference. Weight, size, fabric, pattern and so on.

Hippo Hug offers pre-made weighted blankets in a variety of fun patterns, or you can order a customized weighted blanket, made with your own preferences for size, weight, fabric, patterns, price points and so on. If they don’t have a fabric you like, or you want something really special, contact them to see if they can order whichever pattern you’re looking for, or advise you on what to get. Want a weighted blanket but can’t afford one? Reach out and ask about their compassionate pricing program on blankets that are odd sizes, no longer in rotation for borrowing, exchanges etc.

Mask Clean/Dirty Bags
Hippo Hug Clean Dirty Face Mask Bags, for storing your cotton face masks in a safe and sanitary container.

Keep your masks handy, clean, and sanitary. Instead of throwing your mask in your purse, or back-pack store them in our custom made Clean/Dirty Bag to keep them safe and germ-free. Put your clean masks in the patterned water-resistant side and when you finish using them put them in the cotton-side. When you use all your masks, simply toss the entire bag in the washing machine!

They also offer face mask lanyards.

Custom Face Masks

Hippo Hug Halloween Limited edition cotton face masks

In addition to regular fitted neutral pattern cotton styles, Hippo Hug also has limited edition face masks! Some ideas: Halloween, animal prints, food, pop culture, academia, and the great outdoors. See all of their ready to ship face masks.

Want to order masks in bulk? Need masks in your company’s colours? Or looking for a custom design?

NSFW Face Masks
Hippo Hug NSFW face masks

Perfect for any occasion where you won’t get in trouble, Hippo Hug also makes NSFW face masks!

Cheeky, fun, and always inappropriate, these masks are really NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Fancy f-you’s, patterned vaginas, in your face swear words or cleverly disguised dicks, there’s something NSFW for everyone.

How To Win: $1000 Hippo Hug Gift Card

Hippo Hug is giving away a $1000 store credit to one lucky winner! Use it on a weighted blanket (or two), masks or any other products – spend it however you want with no obligations.

There are multiple ways to enter. We will be running this contest here on the blog, and across our @crackmacs social media channels. Increase your chances by entering on all of them.

  • Enter using the form at the bottom of this page
  • Enter via our social media

How this works: when the contest is over we will randomly pick a semi-finalist from each platform, and from the form below. These 4x semi-finalists will be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4. Using the true random number generator we will pick a random number between 1 and 4 – and they win. Goodluck!

The contest runs from October 12th 2020 until November 12th 2020 at 10:00 PM.


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