The Ship & Anchor Eggnog – Drinking For Charity!

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Shipnog Is Back!

Each year, since sometime wayback in the 1990s, for the month of December in Calgary, The Ship & Anchor partners up with some local charities to donate most of the proceeds from their legendary alcoholic eggnog concoction to make our world a better place. Other than the 1.5oz of rum in it, the exact recipe remains a well guarded secret, but having tried it, it tastes like a really good eggnog – cinnamony! They cost $6.95 each and for every #Shipnog sold, $5 is donated between the charities!

For 2018 they sold close to 7500 Shipnogs, which resulted in almost $40,000 being donated. Let’s smash that for 2019!

The Ship & Anchor Shipnog Eggnog

The 2019 Charities

  • Skipping Stone Foundation
    • Connecting trans and gender diverse youth, adults and families with comprehensive and low barrier access to the support they need and deserve including: community, mental health, medical services and educational opportunities.
  • Calgary Scope Society
    • The Calgary SCOPE Society is a non-profit agency improving lives for persons with developmental disabilities in Calgary and area for over 30 years! SCOPE works with children, adults, seniors and families as respected, contributing members of Calgary’s communities.
  • Calgary Drop-in & Rehab Centre
    • The Calgary Drop-In Centre (the DI) is more than an emergency shelter. We provide essential care as well as health services, employment training, and housing supports to people who need help. Our programs and services connect people to permanent housing that meets their individual needs.Rooted in community and fueled by kindness, the DI proudly serves as part of the Homeless-Serving System of Care.

The Ship & Anchor #Shipnog Eggnog

Wild Rose Cherry Porter & Food Banks

In addition to this for 2019, The Ship & Anchor has also partnered up with Wild Rose Brewery to benefit local food banks. For every glass of their Cherry Porter sold, one can of food will be donated to the Calgary Food Bank and the Veterans Food Bank! So awesome.

The Ship & Anchor Wild Rose Cherry Porter Food Bank Donations


Very cool of them to do this. Get out there, drink, support local, plus help people. Win win win.

Note: Mrs CM hates eggnog with the fire of 1000 suns but even she enjoyed this charitable holiday bevvie.


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