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Hidden in the back of NUPO, the moment you step inside you’ll realize Eight is not a regular restaurant. It only has 8 seats, there is no set menu, you’re not allowed to use your phone to take photos, and you can only get in with a reservation. Eight is an intimate kitchen bar experience where you’re face to face with Chef Darren MacLean as he and his team make your food, only using Canadian ingredients, and talking with you the entire time! Every time you visit it will be different. Chef Darren MacLean is aiming to bring conversation back to dining.

Eight Seats At A Time #8seatsatatime

Eight Restaurant
Photo by Eight

Welcome to Eight

Eight place setting Information

You may have seen Darren on The Final Table, on Netflix? Or at Shokunin, his Japanese restaurant in Mission. When you visit Eight, he’ll be engaging with you the entire time. It’s quite personal.

Eight Calgary eggs being cooked with fire and flames by Darren MacLean

Cooking eggs using fire, which gives them a nice smokey flavour as the egg absorbs the smoke from whatever Darren was lighting on fire. Hay?

Eight Calgary Food Experience with Chef Darren MacLean

Eight Calgary egg caviar dish Darren MacLean

The eggs were topped with a sweet filling, caviar, and a green garnish. I don’t remember what the ingredients were, I was a little too star struck to pay attention. Darren is great.

Eight Calgary egg caviar


An interesting experience! Will it work? I think so. As of putting this blog post together, Eight is booked solid for the next 2-3 months. Best of luck to the team working on this.

We were invited to attend a media preview of Eight, and NUPO. Thank you Chef Darren MacLean and team for the experience!


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