Calgary Clown Festival, September 18 – 21, 2019

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The Clowns Are Coming

Calgary is finally getting a clown festival! Info is scarce thus far, but here’s what we know:

We can’t keep it a secret anymore; something big is happening this September, the clowns are coming to town.

The Pumphouse Theatre and Calgary Clown Society have joined forces to produce The 2019 Calgary Clown Festival!

We are very eager to spill the beans that Mump and Smoot will be remounting their first fringe show, Something, and headlining our inaugural festival.

The evening will include a series of five-minute acts from some of the artists and other talented Calgary Clowns. Come down for a side-splitting good time as we have some fun and look on the lighter side of life but the darker side of clown.

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Calgary Clown Festival Clowns

Can’t-Wait To Find Out More

Those are the only details thus far. I’ll update this post when more info becomes available.

Clowns are fun. Most of the time.


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