City of Calgary Counsellors As Clowns

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The Clowns at City Hall (2016 Edition)

Clowns have been invading! First the US, then other parts of Canada, and now Calgary. They’ve been showing up on Instagram, Facebook and twitter, looking to scare the crap out of people, and to troll of course. There’s even a Facebook vigilante YYC Clown Hunters overreaction group that was setup, who have sworn to stop them and save Calgary from their evil .. tweets, or whatever. It occurred to me, what if city council were to join up with these killer clowns? What would that even look like? Clowncillors, if you will, hiding in the bushes and looking to cause a 3am ruckus? I can see that happening, so I thought I’d be proactive and see what they would look like if they did.

I’m not going to say which clowns are which. See if you can guess them all. I bet there’s at least 1 only a few people will guess.

Some are obvious, some not. Some are just ‘original clowns’ from me mucking around, to mix it up. Or I couldn’t find any other good source material, or I tried and using said clown it looked like crap (ie. Bozo the clown). Also wanted to do Twisty the clown from American Horror Story, but everything I tried looked terrible and didn’t fit.

Anyway, on to zee Clowncillors. All in good stupid internet fun.

I hope they like it.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi



Ward 1 – Ward Sutherland

Clowncillors Ward Sutherland Calgary


Ward 2 – Joe Magliocca

Clowncillors Joe Magliocca Calgary


Ward 3 – Jim Stevenson

Clowncillors Jim Stevenson Calgary


Ward 4 – Sean Chu

Clowncillors Sean Chu Calgary


Ward 5 – Ray Jones

Clowncillors Ray Jones


Ward 6 – Richard Pootmans

Clowncillors Richard Pootmans


Ward 7 – Druh Farrell

Clowncillors Druh Farrel


Ward 8 – Evan Woolley

Clowncillors Evan Woolley


Ward 9 – Gian-Carlo Carra



Ward 10 – Andre Chabot



Ward 11 – Brian Pincott



Ward 12 – Shane Keating



Ward 13 – Diane Colley-Urquhart



Ward 14 – Peter Demong


Yes I know there’s two Jokers.

I tried doing the Jack Nicholson and Caesar Romero versions but I wasn’t happy with how they turned out on whichever of the Clowncillors I was messing with. I had also thought about clowning up Daorcey, or some other politicians but never got around to it.

Happy Halloween!


As of 2019 a lot of these people are no longer in office haha. Oh well.


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