Fillip: pay for fuel when it’s cheap, use it whenever you want

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Pay Now, Use Later Gasoline

You read that correctly. Fillip, a mobile app, lets you pay for fuel at whatever the current price is, and you can hold on to it indefinitely until you need it, no matter what it costs at that time. You can store up to 300 litres, and your first $10 is free! Your first 3 months of Fillip are free during their trial, but after that it’s only $5 a month.

Think of it as a virtual gas tank that you can fill from the comfort of your own couch, or on the crapper at work while you’re killing time, or sitting at the dinner table instead of having to talk to those godawful people.

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Note: their app is useless without the code from a participating retailer, so you’ll need to physically drive over to the place to do that.

How Fillip Works

Fillip works by partnering up with individual gas stations to allow you to pre-buy gas with them, at whatever the price is today. Once you’ve bought it, it’s yours! Use it whenever you need it. Buy 50L at $1.00 today, fill up your vehicle in 3 weeks from now when gas is $1.10, or $1.50, or $10.00 – for no additional cost than what you paid for it. When you redeem your purchase, it’s all done within the app and is totally cashless at that point.

Fillip purchase fuel

You’re able to easily keep an eye on current gas prices. Fillip will even alert you when prices drop, so you can scoop up some cheap gas for a rainy day.

Fillip redeem your fuel

When it comes time to redeem your fuel, you drive to it (duh), choose your pump and how much you need, bam! Make it happen. It’ll then give you a summary.

Fillip summary

Fillip Participating Retailer Gas Stations

At present time (January 2019) there is only one gas station where you can use Fillip to purchase or redeem fuel.

Other Fillip Perks

Some more info about their perks, from their website:

  • With Fillip you’ll always pay less than the posted price for fuel at your station with an exclusive Fillip discount. It works when you buy early or if you need a last minute top-up.
  • Save time by driving to the pump whenever you need gas, fill up your tank and you’re on your way. Leave your wallet at home; this cashless transaction will save you money and time so you can also fuel yourself with that chocolate bar when you fuel your adventure.
  • When you’re at the station, Fillip let’s you know about exclusive in-store offers. Buy washer fluid or a coffee right through your app.


Reddit is actually where I saw Fillip mentioned. In this thread.

Here’s a testimonial from a user on reddit;

For anyone who uses the Centex station on Edmonton trail north of 16th Ave, they’ve partnered with a new company in town called Fillip that allows you to pre-purchase up to 300 litres of gas at the current price without actually having to physically fill up your vehicle. The app works perfectly and is designed for times like these when you wish you had an extra “gas tank”. Not sure how it all works for them on the back end though.

/u/uncledennis in /r/Calgary on reddit


And here’s another one;

I use the app and it’s great. When I go to the app and like the price posted, I can literally buy gas (up to 300L) from the comfort of my couch and pick it up when I go to the station. As you’ve already prepaid for the gas, you just use the app at the gas station to get your gas. Right now Fillip is a trial at Centex on Edmonton Trail NE- 3111 Edmonton Trail NE. If you go there you can pick up a Fillip validation card which will give you 10L free gas on your first purchase. The trial is free for the first 3 months. After that it is a $5/month subscription.

/u/LivinginYYC in /r/Calgary on reddit


Final Thoughts

This is an awesome idea! Fuel hedging. This kind of innovation is so incredible to see and I wish this app developer all the best with it. Hopefully more gas stations sign up. Note: they also have a newsletter on their website. Cheers.


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  1. So… by buying $50 of fuel in advance, you’re essentially offering the company an interest free loan of your $50 until you fill up. Good for that company! Want to give me an interest free loan? Please?


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