Guide To Fishing The Glenmore Reservoir

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Fishing Glenmore Reservoir

The Glenmore Reservoir is open for fishing each year from springtime until Halloween, and it’s one of my favourite places to go fishing around Calgary. I love fishing the Glenmore reservoir for several reasons. It’s really easy to get to, it has both Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Northern Pike, plus you can rent a canoe right at the reservoir to fish from! it’s just a pleasure to be around. It’s clean, beautiful and also open for more than just fishing (there’s all sorts of kayaking and boat races etc).

    • OPENED May 1st to October 31st
    • CLOSED November 1st to April 30th

Fishing Regulations For The Glenmore Reservoir

Make sure to check the official fishing regulations every time you go fishing, in case they’ve changed. Don’t assume! The zone is ES1.

Trout: 5

You can keep up to 5 trout per day (Rainbow Trout or Brown Trout), other than Bull Trout which are catch and release only. I’ve personally only seen Browns and Rainbows in the Glenmore Reservoir.

Mountain Whitefish: 5

All under 30cm must be released. I’ve personally never seen a Whitefish come out of the Glenmore Reservoir.

Northern Pike: 3

No size restrictions on Pike! Lots of them in there.

Yellow Perch: 15

Another fish I’ve never personally seen. You ever catch Yellow Perch at the Glenmore Reservoir? Comment below!

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My First Catch At The Glenmore Reservoir

Not the biggest Pike ever caught, but it was my first and I was very excited to get it home to clean and cook. Caught him using a leech grub. Unfortunately I was pretty inexperienced at cleaning fish.. so it didn’t turn out so great. Pike are not so easy to clean, at least in my opinion.

Fishing Glenmore Reservoir Pike

Good Spots To Fish?

To be honest I have not found any fishing hot spots on the Glenmore Reservoir. Fishing is always better in a boat, but from shore, anyplace you can access should be fine. I’ve caught Pike from all sides (mostly using spoons), and trout on the south shore (five of diamonds). I’ve had the same luck no matter where I’m casting from, it feels like.

Perhaps someone can suggest somewhere specific in the comments?

Fishing Glenmore Reservoir Heritage Park

Fishing Glenmore Reservoir From Shore

Fishing Glenmore Reservoir

Fishing Glenmore Reservoir Docks
Note: fishing from the docks or ramps is not allowed.

Fishing Glenmore Reservoir Pike

Fishing Glenmore Reservoir Ducks

Fishing Glenmore Reservoir panorama

Rent A Canoe From The Calgary Canoe Club

The Calgary Canoe Club has a membership plan that includes unlimited use of their canoes and kayaks! Non-members can rent the canoes too.

The Calgary Canoe Club (CCC) is situated in the heart of Calgary on the Glenmore Reservoir and located in the North Glenmore Park. This location offers 14km of shoreline to paddle, sweeping views of the Foothills and Rocky Mountains, and a nature reserve at our doorstep (Weaselhead Flats). This is the perfect setting for offering paddling programs for all ages and all levels.

The CCC was established in 1959 and is a non-profit organization that provides training and promotes excellence in competitive paddling disciplines (sprint canoe/kayak and outrigger), and provides the opportunity to all members of the community to experience lifelong learning skills through paddling.

Getting To The Glenmore Reservoir

You can get to the Glenmore Reservoir on Calgary Transit by taking the c-train to Heritage station, taking route 502 to Heritage Park, then just walk down to the reservoir. Alternatively you can take route 20 from Heritage c-train station up to the Rockyview General Hospital and just walk down the pathways to the water. Easy peasy! If you drive, well you know how to drive there so just do that.

Fishing Glenmore Reservoir transit map


Fishing is one of my favourite things to do. It’s really nice having access to the Glenmore Reservoir via public transit too. I hope you have decent luck out there!


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5 thoughts on “Guide To Fishing The Glenmore Reservoir”

  1. Caught 7″ yellow perch 6 years ago in there. Been going back ever since to try to catch the big monster pike under Callaway park boat dock.

  2. Been fishing at glenmore for 30 years, never caught a perch or have heard of anyone catching one. trout, pike, burbot, occasional sucker all i get or see.

      • I’d suggest using smelts, worms, leeches or meal worms. Bait is allowed, but no bait fish (so no minnows). You could also try small hooks with corn or pieces of hard brick cheese on them, drop from the canoe and bob up and down near the bottom. You could also try pulling a lure behind the canoe as you paddle (if your kiddo is able to hold the rod). Make sure to wear life jackets, bring something to sit on, wear sun screen, have fun ^_^

    • Tons of Perch at the damn 25 years ago.
      Yet I caught a baby perch last week on july20th on the southside by Heritage Park.
      Rare I think now these days.


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