This Cleaning Company Made A Mistake, Then Made It Better

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Going Above And Beyond Is Cool

Just a quick blog post to recognize some cleaning company I had never heard of before today, called Lathered. They’re a home cleaning company that operates in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Toronto, started by two moms. They offer a range of home based cleaning services you would expect (using eco-friendly products, safe for humans and pets), but what I saw on Twitter today is why you’re seeing this.

Beth Allan is a buddy of ours, a professional storm chaser and high school counselor, she’s a good person and a good follow on Twitter. She’s also quite trustworthy. Today she made a few posts about an oopsie that happened with her cleaning company, Lathered. The fact that Beth uses this company alone is a huge plus in my opinion, she’s not one to skimp on researching.

During a regular visit, a cleaner accidentally locked kitty in the bathroom.

Oh shit! Poor kitty. No harm done but that was a couple of hours I’m sure kitty was pretty miserable.

That’s awesome.

Oh snap! An excellent response from the company. I doubt Beth expected them to change policy or give her free stuff, but when someone makes a mistake you should mention it y’know? Accidents happen.

That is awesome. From one of the business owners directly. They didn’t have to do that but they did and it was nice of Beth to share it.

Free Cleaning While Going Through Cancer Treatment

While looking through the Lathered website I noticed this: they donate their time/maid services to, which is an organisation that provides free house cleaning to women, 19 years or older, battling any type of cancer.

Didn’t even know this existed! If you know any women going through cancer treatment, give them a shout – or contact the organisation directly.

Cleaning for a reason




When a company makes an effort to show that they do appreciate your business, I dig that. A little effort an go a long way. Kudos Lathered!


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2 thoughts on “This Cleaning Company Made A Mistake, Then Made It Better”

  1. Yeah, a lot of people will tell you that lathered cleaning is not wholesome, but I think they are wrong by a significant margin. This type of cleaning is one of the best, and if you do it every now and then, it will be extremely wholesome.

  2. These lovely ladies have been part of our family’s life for years. My son was born with a complex congenital heart disease and we have struggled with countless hospital admissions, surgeries and ambulance rides.
    They gave us more than a safe and clean home in our first few years. They willingly went above and beyond by using special cleaners in our house to keep our boy safe; they gave my daughter so much joy by paying extra attention to her room by setting up her stuffies in a playful scene. They showered with us gifts, casseroles when we came home from long hospital admissions; wine and funny little messages spelled out on with our fridge magnets. And when we were in financial dire straights, they let us make payment arrangements And gifted us a beautifully clean house after we came home from open heart surgery in another city. They have the most beautiful hearts and are some of the wonderful people I’ve ever met. They are a success for so many reasons but having genuine compassion and kindness puts them in a category of their own.


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