Using social media to reunite a family with long lost photos

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Facebook For Good, Instead Of Evil

We have numerous Facebook groups for all sorts of topics in Calgary, one of which is called Ask Calgary. Ask Calgary is an all purpose group for questions related to Calgary in some way, and there’s already a couple thousand people in it (so if you ever have any random questions, fire away!). Today this random dude named Mike stopped by Ask Calgary to make his first post in the group, attempting at reuniting negatives with family. Who knows right?

Photo Negatives Left On His Farm

This is the post from Ask Calgary, with the photo he shared of the negatives.

Reuniting negatives with family Mike Capp

Reuniting negatives with family negatives

I saw his post and shared it from Ask Calgary to our main Crackmacs page, to give it a boost of exposure. And you know what? Almost 30 minutes exactly went by before someone recognized the names!

Reuniting negatives with family

I wonder how many people have ever been named Homer Lamb?

Connecting With The Family

She then went and responded to the original post in Ask Calgary, and then reached out to Mike. It turns out that her mom has never even seen photos of Homer before! Mike responded that there are 20+ packages with hundreds of negatives inside.

Reuniting negatives with family facebook post

Reuniting negatives with family


Mike made arrangements to return everything to the family soon! Yay. You rule Mike. Sweet farmers mustache, too.

This happens every so often in social media land, and it’s really fun watching things it unfold in real time. Also love sharing this kind of content! Social media can be so destructive in today’s world, so I think it’s important to highlight the wholesome/good stuff as well. Keep the balance and all that.

Reuniting negatives with family

Here’s a link to the post on Facebook.

Note: the post seems to have been deleted.


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