The Back Alley Is Coming Back To Calgary

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The Back Alley’s Back

The Back Alley was a legendary nightclub that existed in Calgary for over 20 years, opening all the way back in 1991, and closing in 2013. It had many fun nicknames. After closing its doors and a brief hiatus, it re-opened as Marquee Beer Market & Stage, a kind of restaurant-bar hybrid with some new seating and a fresh coat of paint. Recently Marquee announced that they too were closing at the end of October 2019. Now that Marquee is closed, there’s room for the Back Alley to once again take up residence!

Wellsir, we did some e-mailing with the new owner and got some infos. See below!


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New Owners

Myself I was a former DJ at the back alley for 10 years during the heyday, my business partner ran the club successfully for 19 years during its heyday so both of us have a long history with the place. Neither one of us were involved with the Marquee group.


We intend to make it a bigger and better Back Alley. The inside of the bar is extremely nice and very well appointed with nice seating, upscale amenities etc. We plan to keep that but bring it back to the Back Alley where there is more of an anything goes mentality, as long as it’s fun.

The Music

Our music will be our staple just like it used to be. We will play fun music, doesn’t matter if that is pop, Top 40, R&B, rap, rock, metal, punk – whatever it is if it’s popular and fun we will be playing it. We will also be playing tons of videos. We are bringing in an absolute state of the art light show that is exclusive to Calgary for over the dance floor, that will be awesome.

The Food

We have partnered with Grumans delicatessen and they will have a full outlet inside our bar, so it will be excellent place to go for a bite to eat before the hockey game, etc.

Opening Date?

Tentatively set for the end of November 2019.


Gonna be fun! Anyone have any fun TBA stories?



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