10 Things to do for Valentines Day in Calgary 2018

10 Things to do for Valentines Day in Calgary 2018

Valentines Day in Calgary

There are a number of events taking place around Calgary ahead of Valentines day, as well as on February 14th itself. We thought it would be fun to list some of the lesser known things you can do for valentines day in Calgary. Have a really fun night out as a couple! Orrrr just end up staying at home anyway and watching Netflix but maybe ordering food and buying ice cream? Something like that.

Beakerhead – Craft workshop with food

Under the guidance of textile artist Adele Schatschneider, you’ll make your own felted anatomical heart model. And, you’ll be in the company of Dr. Sarah Hewitt, a physiology prof who’ll help you understand how it works and why sometimes it doesn’t. And then there’s the art from the kitchen and bar, where light snacks and French onion soup will keep you warm and energized through a cold midwinter afternoon. The exquisite snacks will be created for you by Avec Bistro’s France-trained executive chef Daniel Pizzaro. A parting shot of absinthe is an optional add-on. After all, absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

Caravel Brewery – Free tastings and tours

Caravel wants you to “beer our Valentine” this February 14th by joining us for a FREE brewery tour and tasting. We’re offering two tour times at 5:30pm or 7:00pm. Each session is about 60 minutes and includes a tasting of all Caravel beers followed by an interactive tour of our facility and unique brewing processes. Pre-registration on Eventbrite is required as space is limited.

Theatre Calgary – Twelfth night

Calgary has a wonderful theatre community, with all sorts of amazing productions happening all the time. Here’s the synopsis of Twelfth Night: Twins Viola and Sebastian are separated in a shipwreck and forced to find their way in a strange new land on their own. Fortunately, Illyria holds much misadventure, love, and laughter for them both. This refreshing take on Shakespeare’s classic comedy will leave you rolling in the aisles and begging for a thirteenth night.

Keep an eye on their events page. Theatre Calgary tells some terrific stories. Take your kids to see a play sometime, they’ll love it.

Strike Combat Archery & AXE Throwing Calgary – Valentines Combat Therapy

Valentines day in Calgary

This is going to be an exciting night for some lucky ladies out there. As a couple you’ll spend 2 romantic hours in the throws of combat archery, perfecting your tea bagging, and testing out the various game modes offered by Strike Combat. You’ll also face off against your significant other in a Katniss / Pita style showdown. After that you’ll head over to AXE Throwing Calgary to drink beer, snack on foods, and throw axes around. (singles are welcome too!)

Regal Cat Cafe – Adults Only Valentines Date Night

Valentines day in Calgary

If you haven’t been to the Regal cat cafe yet, you’re missing out big time. You get to have coffee and treats and play with kitties! Kitties you can adopt. The adults only date night includes visiting with the kitties, a small hot beverage, and a cake to share. 18+ only, duh.

They also have kitty Yoga and kitty paint nights, but not for valentines day.

The Devenish – Valentines Day Creative

Valentines day in Calgary

For that creative lady in your life, this event features embroidery, learning about fashion and style, customizing a handbag, the art of macrame (tying knots and creating patterns), a bra fitting session, and ending with building your own ice cream danish. And it’s free!

Devinish is the name of the building complex (you should Google the history behind this place!), and this is a fun valentines day partnership with the businesses involved. Pretty cool to see people coming together. Danielle’s consignment, Kate Hewko, Interior Design Shoppe, About the Bra, and Butterblock.

Vin Gogh – Valentine’s Dine & Paint

How does an evening of drinks, dinner and painting sound? Vin Gogh is doing just that. Each couple will be greeted with a beautiful charcuterie board and a glass of bubbly. For an appetizer you’ll enjoy warm spinach and artichoke dip, with pita bread. Dinner will be a magnificent flatbread, paired up with either beer or wine (your choice), followed up by a delicious dessert. Each couple will also work together on a joined canvas painting, and you’ll get a parting gift at the end of the night.

Rodney’s Oyster House – Valentines Day Dinner

Do you like seafood? Rodney’s Oyster House is putting on something special. On February 14th they won’t have their regular menu, they’ll have two varieties of stuffing your face with the best of the best. They’re hosting a three course dinner, and a five course dinner.. and .. AND! Wait for it. AAAAND they’ll have cooked lobster to go! For anyone that would rather stay at home during valentines day but still would like to suck back some juicy lobster, here’s what they’re doing:

If you want to keep the romance close to home then we still want to help you out! Pick up a Lobster Dinner for Two To Go. Your meal includes two 1lb cooked, cracked and chilled Atlantic Lobsters, side salad, lemon aioli and a chocolate cake to share for dessert, all for just $100. (Please place your order by February 12)

The in-restaurant meals include a variety of dishes made with all kinds of ingredients, go see their page for the full menu and to make reservations.

The Rec Room – Love, a tribute to Quinton Tarentino cabaret

From Plain Jane Events, a valentines day Tarantino themed cabaret party! They have a singles package, couples, and VIP couples (bottle service and better seating, dessert bar, other stuff). Tickets are $30 to $125.

From their Facebook page:Valentines day in Calgary

Telus SPARK – Valentine’s Day Adults Only Night: This is Your Brain on Love

It’s the science center, so you’ll not only have a fun night out doing something different for valentines day, you’ll learn things too! They have two options for tickets.

  • $26 – Discover your brain for neuroscience by exploring all things about human emotion this Valentine’s Day! Explore how dopamine affects the brain’s reward and pleasure centres, identify which triggers will drive your oxytocin levels sky high, and perform emotional experiments on yourself tonight.
  • $85 – Make your Adults Only Night experience into a complete Valentine’s date night. This package includes your admission to Adults Only Night ticket, plus a Spark the Love Valentine’s Social. Spend an hour in the Social Eatery enjoying our cocktail-style menu with appetizers, entree stations, dessert and 2 beverages. Spend the rest of the evening taking in everything Adults Only Night has to offer (you’ll need to specify a time slot for this one, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm).

View their website for the full list of what’s included. Whatever option you go with, this is the best part: Draw Your Junk

We see it every Adults Only Night – lots of super creative genitals at every station with a pencil (heh heh). We’ve all got junk of our own, so let’s celebrate it! We’ve got some printed reference material here as a jumping off point for your creativity. From like, medical textbooks….

Ps. It’s 18+.. so yes, there is booze.

What did we miss?

Did we miss something cool? Something against the grain? Smaller? More intimate and fun? Drop it in the comments below. Share the love.

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