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Access For Free!

Yessir ma’am, totally free. Calgary Public Library memberships are free, and with that membership comes free access to

Calgary Public Library

If you don’t know what is, here’s what their website says; is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions, members have access to the video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts.

Basically you can use to learn all kinds of exceptionally cool things using videos! On pretty much any topic, but topics such as programming, developing, and business are really popular. The content of the videos and lessons are typically professionally made, too. There are videos, and some courses have actual content for you to work with. You can also keep track of all the lessons you’ve been through, and manage all kinds of things once you login through your Calgary Public Library account details. Photography Courses to Check Out

I’ve been using courses for years with my photography. If you’re into photography, I recommend these courses by Ben Long:

Keep in mind you’ll need to login to access all of the content for free. Also, these are a few hours long, but you’ll learn SO MUCH about cameras and photography basics and techniques – for free, they’re absolutely worth watching. Ben Long is a great teacher. Never use the camera presets again!

Perhaps you want to learn about Social Media Marketing? There’s tons of courses and training videos for that. Instagram for business, Twitter for business, how the hell to use Pinterest, it’s all in there. Or learn about logo design. AutoCAD. Or beefing up your leet photoshop skillz. Google Analytics. Installing and using WordPress. So many topics, all for free, and all beneficial to you. These are things you can put on your resume, once you know what you’re doing with it.

Check out the entire list of courses here:

How To Access For Free

If you already have a Calgary Public Library membership, you simply just need to sign in using the portal below:

You won’t be able to access for free by logging in any other way, so you should bookmark that.

If you don’t already have a Calgary Public Library membership, click here:

Calgary Public Library Courses is actually only one of many online portals you can access for free with a free Calgary Public Library membership. Did you know you can also access Rosetta Stone for free? Yeah man! Learn to speak other languages, for free. You’ll just need that library card.

Calgary Public Library Rosetta Stone

See them all here:


It’s free. This is a no-brainer. Go sign up.


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2 thoughts on “Get free access with a Calgary Public Library card”

  1. Free access to Lynda is by far the best gift from the Calgary Public Library. I love the WordPress courses by Carrie Dils and will check out Photoshop courses. Thanks for the link to all the courses.

    • Right?!? I used to .. know a guy .. who would pirate their videos way back when, because they were just that good. There’s so many topics on there I don’t even know I need to know about. I find the quality to be really good with Lynda. Udemy I’ve found pretty hit or miss for quality.

      Free is free is free, though.


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