Win YSS Corp. & Sweet Tree Cannabis Co. Swag! (ENDED)

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You Need Some Shirts And Hoodies!

Good news everyone! YSS Corp. and Sweet Tree Cannabis Co. have recently each opened a new store in Calgary, one downtown and one on 17th AVE SW. To celebrate, they’re giving away a bunch of clothing swag. Giving away 5 hoodies, 2 t-shirts, and, as you might have guessed 4 pairs of socks. Everyone wears shirts, and especially hoodies right? I think most people wear socks too. Free stuff is the best kind of stuff, no? We’re giving away 7 different things to 7 different winners. Holla! See below for the full details.

Full disclosure: this is a sponsored post.

YSS Corp. 

  • 1x Large blue hoodie
  • 1x Medium blue hoodie
  • 1x XL black hoodie

YSS is committed to becoming the trusted destination for cannabis in Canada by creating and delivering a premier in-store retail experience through understanding customer demands and data, implementing standardized procedures, investing in brand and retail design, offering interactive in-store technology, and developing an experienced and welcoming team.  The Company views the continued investment in customer experience as instrumental to establishing customer loyalty, brand recognition and ultimately, future business.

Pickup Location

YSS Cannabis – 4th Avenue SW

Sweet Tree Cannabis & YSS Corp Hoodies

Sweet Tree Cannabis

  • 1x Large T-shirt + socks
  • 1x Medium T-shirt + socks
  • 1x Large green hoodie + socks
  • 1x Medium red hoodie + socks

Sweet Tree Cannabis Co. is a recreational marijuana dispensary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with carefully curated cannabis retail products. Our in store team of cannasseurs can help you shop for your best blend – visit one of our locations today.

Pickup Location

Sweet Tree Cannabis Co. – 17th Ave SW

Sweet Tree Cannabis & YSS Corp t-shirts hoodies socks

How To Win

You can enter on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and doing so on all 3x will increase your odds. When it comes time to randomly draw winners, we’ll use the random number generator to pick where we draw from. Facebook will be #1, Instagram will be #2 and Twitter #3.

Each click of ‘generate’ will randomly pick a different number and that’s where we’ll draw from. Random, fair, and unpredictable. Should be fun!

Sweet Tree Cannabis & YSS Corp random winner selection

How To Enter

Contest is now over.

We’re using our social media profiles to host the giveaways. Enter on each platform to increase your odds!




This contest runs until January 31st 2020, 10:00 PM MST. This contest is open to residents of Calgary, Alberta, Canada aged 18 or older. There will be 7x different winners selected at random by the method described above. Winners will collect in person at each location, at their convenience.


Thank you to YSS Corp. & Sweet Tree Cannabis for the opportunity to give away some cool stuff. Maybe one day the Government will relax the rules to allow for actual cannabis products to be given away.


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