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Have you heard of Birdline Canada? Birdline is a home-based parrot rescue located right here in Calgary, currently run by a single person, Anna, operating since 2005. They take in abused, neglected, abandoned or improperly cared for parrots which they rehabilitate for adoption. To date they’ve fostered and adopted out over 200 different parrots! Some parrots need months or even years for full rehabilitation before they’re fit for adoption with families, with all of this coming out of her own pocket. You may remember hearing about Birdline in the news a few years ago? They suffered a huge loss back in 2014 when 26 parrots in their care perished in a devastating fire but managed to bounce back. Unfortunately, currently, Birdline is at risk of shutting down due to lack of funds to continue operations. At present time they are no longer able to take in any additional birds. Birdline is a 100% volunteer run charity, no money is spent on humans, it all goes to the parrots.

Anna does what ever she can to provide the parrots with fresh fruit, pellets, nuts, or specialized diets for those that are special requirements. Also, every single parrot that comes into her care is brought to the Avian and Exotic vet, from finches to Macaws, and these visits can cost thousands of dollars depending on the shape of the parrot when she receives them. Even if a budgie needs surgery she will see to it that it receives that care – no life is too insignificant.

All monetary donations collected go toward their vet bill fund. Exams, medication, sedation, x-rays, bandages, splints, etc – the costs add up quickly. In addition, because they’re a registered charity, donation receipts can be issued for your taxes! (let them know if you want one).

Birdline Canada Parrot Rescue injured birds
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Birdline Canada Parrot Rescue bird without feathers from plucking
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Adopting A Parrot

Birdline has a very strict and thorough adoption process, including a detailed application, and even a visit to your home to make sure it’s the right fit. There are fees to adopt, which vary depending on bird. All adoption fees go directly back into the rescue, these fees help to cover the costs of veterinary care that ALL incoming/existing parrots receive once they come to Birdline, the cost of new cages/enrichment/dietary needs and special medical care that some birds require in order to sustain the best quality of life.

“At Birdline, we go to great lengths to pre-qualify all prospective fosters and adopters.  We make sure they are aware of what they are getting into, and make sure the entire family is on board with the decision.  We provide education and training support as well.   If for some reason the bird cannot stay at his new home, we request that Birdline is contacted prior to any other placement.”

“Some birds require a slower transition into a new home and need more frequent visiting until they are ready to stay permanently – travelling to/from long distances is not possible at this time.  We also do NOT ship birds.”

“ALL potential foster homes and adoptive homes with existing parrots MUST provide proof of veterinary care for their existing birds. We take the health of all birds very seriously and due to the nature of some avian diseases – we will not risk the health of the bird visiting and possibly bringing back a virus that could be deadly to the rest of the flock. ALL Birdline birds have a strict medical protocol and do not go into foster and/or new homes without full examinations with our Avian Vets.”

Birdline Canada Parrot Rescue adoptable birds

Fostering A Parrot

If you’re able to assist by opening up your home to a parrot in need, Birdline also fosters them out as part of the rehabilitation process. It doesn’t cost anything to foster, they’ll even pay for the food if you need it. Check out their extensive Fostering Q and A for more info.

Birdline Canada Parrot Rescue foster a bird

Parrot Education

In addition to caring for and giving life back to the birds, they also provide education! Did you know It has been estimated that 80% of the health problems seen in cage birds are caused at least in part by poor nutrition? Their website and Facebook have lots of information on techniques, training, and caring for them.

Here’s an interview Anna did with TELUS TV where she describes what Birdline is and what they hope to accomplish.

Donate To Birdline

You can donate to Birdline through PayPal using the button on their website.

Birdline puts out a new calendar each year to raise funds for the parrots, each one costing $25.

Birdline Canada Parrot Rescue 2020 Calendars

They also accept supplies! Bowls, toys, cages, chews, perches, seed, or anything else for birds.

Birdline Canada Parrot Rescue donated bird toys and supplies


Birdline has been there for years, for many people, and many parrots. Hopefully they can get some funds to continue helping those in need. We put this blog post together because someone reached out to let us know the struggles Birdline is going through and we wanted to help <3



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  1. Thank you so much for this, here’s hoping that people will step up and help. Birdline is amazing and I am so grateful they are there. Smudge wands made from feathers generously donated from her flock are being sold at Tea Rocks in Rocky Mountain House, AB. Proceeds are going back to Birdline.
    Also, donates all funds from the sale of Alberta Wild Rose seeds back to Birdline.


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